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Child Sexual Exploitation pdf icon PDF 151 KB

Presentation by Paul Hewitt, Head of Safeguarding and Quality Assurance, DCI Mark Broom, Public Protection, and DCI Sarah Pearce, CID


Paul Hewitt, Head of Safeguarding and Quality Assurance and Detective Chief Inspector Mark Brown from the Police Public Protection Team were welcomed to the meeting. They gave a presentation on child sexual exploitation (CSE) and the issues arising from the Rotherham Inquiry. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation was published with the agenda. There was no pattern of multiple exploitation in Hounslow although there were individual cases of grooming. An Action Plan in response to the Rotherham Inquiry had been commissioned by the Hounslow Children Safeguarding Board. This needed to be finalised and circulated.


Chief Superintendent Carl Bussey stated that there was a low level of suspected CSE in Hounslow compared to other boroughs. It was not clear whether this might be due to under-reporting. He felt that it was very important that there was awareness raising amongst professionals and that any warning signs were not missed. The police needed to look carefully at missing persons reports. The quality of information available was important.


Councillor Foote recounted an example where concerns of sexual exploitation arose out of other issues related to anti social behaviour which had been reported in his surgery. It was important that Councillors had a mechanism to refer any concerns appropriately and quickly. Chief Inspector Mark Brown stated that concerns could be reported through the Missing Persons Unit or via the Ward Sergeant. The 999 service should be used if it was felt that an individual was in immediate danger or the 101 service could be used when there was not such an immediate concern. Paul Hewitt stated that a referral could be made to Early Help Hounslow if the names of the victims were known. Providing as much detail as possible was very important in terms of being able to follow up on referrals. If names were not known, then the matter would most likely need to be subject to further investigation by the Police. Paul Hewitt stated that he would talk to the Lead Cabinet Member, Tom Bruce about the possibility of briefing Councillors on how to deal with suspicions or allegations concerning child sexual exploitation.


Action: Paul Hewitt


In response to a question from Liz Gaffney, Paul Hewitt stated that educating parents could be quite difficult but it was mainly addressed through schools. There was a resource page publicly available on the web. There were very few referrals to the Multiagency Sexual Exploitation Team. Paul Hewitt agreed there was a need to undertake more work with Early Help Hounslow to ensure that appropriate onward referrals were made. Responsibility for vulnerable young people remained with the outsourcing borough although there was quite often cross border discussions but nothing formal.


Ian Robinson reminded Members of the importance of the health service in picking up concerns. Child sexual exploitation was often a hidden issue which was only identified when victims presented with other issues.


There was no known link between CSE and gang activity in Hounslow, although this was kept under review.


MARAC Self-Assessment pdf icon PDF 129 KB

Presentation by Elena Saragato, Community Safety Officer for Violence Against Women and Girls and Hate Crime


Elena Saragato, Community Safety Officer, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the work of the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).


There were a relatively low number of referrals and re-referrals.  The MARAC was seeking to increase the number of referrals and the percentage of those referrals which were for repeat cases.  There was some concern that setting a target for repeat referrals seemed to the counter intuitive.  Elena Saragato stated that increasing the number of referrals was the more important target than increasing the proportion that were repeat referrals. An audit was being undertaken on the outcome of cases.  There was a significant cross-borough movement of victims. 


It was suggested that health agencies were not always flagging high risk domestic violence cases.  Training was offered to agencies regarding the referral process.  Janet Cree confirmed that the issue was raised with GPs.  GP referrals might be under-represented as they might not be made directly.  Chris Domeney suggested that an audit might need to be undertaken to understand what was happening.  It was suggested that links should also be made to dentists through NHS England.


Some of the slides were missing from the presentation for technical reasons.  A full version would be circulated to members.


Action: Committee Clerk


Community Safety Partnership Restructure pdf icon PDF 98 KB


See the report attached to the agenda at item 5.


Nigel Farmer, Head of Community Safety and Business Regulation, summarised the proposals for restructuring the Partnership Board as set out in the report.


The suggested approach as set out in the report was agreed.  The Implementation Group would be disbanded and revised terms of reference would be drawn up for the Board to consider at its next meeting.


Action: Nigel Farmer


Hounslow Community Safety Strategy 2014 – 2017 pdf icon PDF 796 KB


See the community safety draft strategy document attached to the agenda at item 6.


Nigel Farmer, Head of Community Safety and Business Regulation, introduced the draft strategy.  He stated that there had been detailed comments from the police which would be included.  The community partnerships group had provided a note on cohesion which would be circulated.  It linked in to the strategy.  He confirmed that outcomes and targets had been signed off by the partner agencies.  Reference would be made in the strategy to child sexual exploitation.  It was agreed to delete the reference to "toxic trio" in paragraph 6 on page 43.


Members were invited to submit any further detailed comments on the draft strategy by 31 October 2014.


Action: all


Non-Compliance by agencies of Information Sharing requirements as per Section 115 of the Crime and Disorder Act


Nigel Farmer, Head of Community Safety and Business Regulation, reported that some agencies were refusing, or failing, to collect required community safety information.  His team were able to offer support in developing IT solutions.  They could also offer advice on information sharing protocols.


It was agreed that individual organisations/units be named at the next meeting where there had been no progress in addressing these shortcomings.


Action: Nigel Farmer/Sabeel Khan


Update on Community Trigger Protocol pdf icon PDF 250 KB


See the draft community trigger procedure at agenda item 8.


Nigel Farmer, Head of Community Safety and Business Regulation, summarised the proposed community trigger procedure.  It was similar to the Richmond pilot.  It was proposed that the escalation process should rest with the Chair of the Community Safety Partnership Board and the Lead Cabinet Member for community safety.  There would be a press release at the launch of the procedure and guidance would be issued on the Council's website.  The community safety team would provide support to the review panel in dealing with any community trigger requests which are received.  Where the perpetrator is under 18, then the Youth Offending Service would be consulted.


The procedure was agreed.


Action: Nigel Farmer


Youth Justice Plan 2014 – 2016 pdf icon PDF 596 KB


See the Youth Justice Plan 2014/2016 attached at agenda item 9.


Chris Domeney introduced the report.  The Board was invited to consider the report before it was submitted to the Youth Justice Board in 2015.  The figures contained in the report referred to data for 2013/2014.


The report was noted.


Minutes for the meeting held on 24 July 2014 pdf icon PDF 52 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on the 24 July 2014 were confirmed.


Matters Arising from the Minutes


(a)      Safe and Secure Programme (minute 3(a) refers)


Nigel Farmer reported that he had now met with Housing and the Police.  He expected to be able to bring a proposal and funding options to the next meeting.


(b)      Traffic Safety (minute 3(c) refers)


An update was not available on the proposed draft strategy for reducing road fatalities.


(c)      Safer Neighbourhood Board minute 5 refers)


The first meeting of the safer neighbourhood Board was being arranged for 12 November 2014.


Date of next meeting - 29 January 2015 at 5pm


The date of the next meeting was noted.