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Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair for the Municipal Year 2014/2015


It was agreed to defer final decisions on the appointment of Chair and Vice Chair until such time as there was a clearer view on the future operation of the Community Safety Partnership.  In the meantime it was agreed that Carl Bussey continue to chair the Board and that Stuart Low as Vice Chair continue as Chair of the Implementation Group.


Minutes of the meeting held on 15 May 2014 and matters arising pdf icon PDF 85 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 15 May 2014 were confirmed subject to noting that James Jolly’s responsibilities under the new National probation service were for Hounslow Kingston and Richmond but did not include Hillingdon. Niamh Farren would represent the London Community Rehabilitation Company.


Matters arising from the minutes


(a)      Safe and Secure Programme (minute 121 refers)


Nigel Farmer reported that he was meeting the Assistant Director for Housing, Leisure and Public health in August to discuss funding for the Safe and Secure programme in Hounslow.


Action: Nigel Farmer


(b)      Sex Worker Strategy - Ethnic origin of sex workers (minute 123 refers)


It was agreed that it would be unhelpful to label the origin of sex workers to a particular European country.  Written references at a strategic level should more appropriately refer to East European.  The individual country should only be identified where it was clearly necessary for operational reasons.


Action: Nigel Farmer to amend the wording of the Strategy.


(c)      Traffic Safety (minute 126 refers)


Brendon Walsh reported that he had discussed the issue of reducing road fatalities with the Senior Transport Planner, Mark Frost.  A draft strategy would be prepared for the October meeting of the Board.


Action: Brendon Walsh/Mark Frost


Proposed changes to the CSP Board


Nigel Farmer referred to the Board’s discussion at the last meeting which included various proposals for change to the way the Partnership might improve its effectiveness.


The following points were made in discussion:


Clarify responsibilities and reporting lines.


Use the Community Safety Strategy with 12 priorities and outcomes to guide how the Partnership should work. Also relate to the Joint Strategic Needs Analysis.


Reduction in funding streams gives less purpose than in previous times.


Reduction to two meetings a year of the Board may lead to a lack of engagement.


Need a detailed written proposal.


Important to include Hounslow Homes.


Suggestion of two alternative models:


-        Main Board plus themed sub groups with action plan (Richmond model of good practice)

-        Main Board plus focussed Implementation Group with clear tasks and lead officer for each outcome




Chris Benson and Carl Bussey to seek views on the benefits of the Community Safety Partnership model in Richmond and refer on to Nigel Farmer.


Nigel Farmer to draft and circulate a detailed options paper on the future operation of the Hounslow CSP before the next meeting for members comments.


Brief on the Hounslow Safer Neighbourhood Board


Nigel Farmer reported that a borough proposal for terms of reference and membership of the Safer Neighbourhood Board had been prepared and was ready for sign off.  Chris Benson confirmed that MOPAC would sign off the proposal once it was formally submitted. Nigel Farmer expected the first meeting to take place in September.  Liz Gaffney pointed out the importance of establishing the Board as it would lead to the possibility of bidding for funds from MOPAC for local projects.  Councillor Hanif Khan stressed the importance of ensuring that the Board membership was representative of the local community.


Presentation on CRC and NPS


James Jolly reported that the probation service had split on 1 June 2014.  A community rehabilitation company had been formed for London with 15 clusters. They would deal with low and medium risk offenders and manage community payback schemes.  Privatised contracts would be introduced on January 2015.  The contract would be based on payment by results.  This might well lead to a greater operational separation from the remaining National Probation Service.


The National Probation Service (NPS) had 12 clusters for London which were not co-terminus with the clusters for the community rehabilitation company.  The work of the NPS would include the following:


high risk offenders

approved sentences

pre-sentence reports

parole board

victim services

sex offender treatment

seconded YOS

seconded prisons

extension of supervision to prisoners serving less than 12 months


There had been issues around human resources and finance as part of the transfer to the new arrangement.


Briefing paper for the Community Safety Strategy 2014-17 pdf icon PDF 94 KB


See the briefing paper attached to the agenda at item 7.


Nigel Farmer reported that the full strategy document would be presented to the next meeting of the Board in October 2014.  The Community Safety Partnership Manager, Sabeel Khan, would be contacting members of the Board directly for their views on the strategy.


Stuart Low reported that the strategy had five themed areas and 12 measurable outcomes.  The themes and outcomes were informed by other documents such as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the manifesto commitments of the Council.  Business crime was noted as an element of one or more of the themes.


The briefing paper was endorsed as an outline for the strategy.



Sabeel Khan to prepare the full strategy in consultation with the Implementation Group for presentation to the Board in October 2014.


Presentation on Ending Gang and Youth Violence


Chief Inspector Rob Weir reported on the initiatives that were being undertaken to end gang and youth violence in the Borough.  There had been a recent murder and a general increase in youth violence in Hounslow Borough recently.  Intelligence gathering had shown that there was a cohort of approximately 30 young people.  They were not strictly a gang and they did not have a geographic territory.  They were not all associated with each other but there were links within the group and links to drugs.  They did carry knives.  An operation known as Concordia had been established.  This prioritised enforcement and other action.  In also worked closely with youth offending services. Three of the individuals were on orders.  Better quality information was being brought to bear to make sure the conditions relating to those orders were effective - for instance, regarding premises and associations.


The operation was also looking at diversion.  It was felt that there was a lack of mentoring available for this group and the organisation Catch 22 was being commissioned to help engage with and divert individuals away from gang-related activity.  An officer from the Integrated Offender Management unit was working as part of the initiative however most of the individual were youths and did not necessarily qualify for support.  He asked agencies to consider supporting initiatives.  The numbers of individuals involved were very small and therefore did not involve a huge commitment in resource terms.


Chris Hogan was very supportive of the use of Catch 22 and welcomed the initiatives.  She felt it was an area which deserved any funding which might be available through the Community Safety Partnership.  Liz Gaffney suggested that she could offer victim awareness sessions.  Carl Bussey noted that the operation was not just about policing but about diversion and overlapped with the activities of MASH and troubled families.  Outside of this identified group of 30 young people was a much wider group of young people engaged in lower level antisocial behaviour which was also identified as an issue for the Community Safety Partnership.


Date of next meeting - Thursday 23 October 2014 at 5pm




Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on the grounds of urgency


Liz Gaffney reported that Victim Support were tendering to provide witness support services.  They may be facing financial issues in 2015/2016.