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Venue: Open Area, Lampton Park Conference Centre (Civic Centre), Lampton Road, Hounslow

Contact: Farah Irfan-Khan by phone on 020 8583 2075 or by email at  farah.irfan-khan@hounslow.gov.uk 

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Welcome and Apologies for Absence - 19:00 to 19:05


Apologies were received from Nadeem Akhtar, Nowell Anderson, Flavia Beckwith, DCS Carl Bussey, Councillor Colin Ellar, Andrew Hillas, Hanif Khan and MP Mary McLeod.


Satvinder Buttar welcomed the group and stated that he would be chairing the meeting in the absence of the Chair Minoo Dhiri.


Samantha Christie introduced herself and stated that she was attending on behalf of MP Seema Malhotra.


Satvinder Buttar introduced Reem Jarche from the Hounslow Racial Equalities Council.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 23 September 2013 and Matters Arising - 19:05 to 19:10 pdf icon PDF 89 KB


The minutes were approved by the group members.


MPS Presentation: GPS Tagging (DCS Carl Bussey) - 19:25 to 19:45


In the absence of DCS Carl Bussey, C I Rob Weir delivered a presentation on the GPS Tagging operation. C I Rob Weir began with stating that various innovative initiatives were being implemented in Hounslow to reduce crime, one of which was an evidence based Global Positioning System (GPS) tagging operation with the support from the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) and Probation Services. This technology allowed the tracking of tags operated via GPS which was widely used in the USA. The GPS provides constant surveillance of offenders and can track an offender’s precise location which can support reactive investigations identifying potential suspects/recidivists or eliminating them from an enquiry. It was also a perfect rehabilitation opportunity for offenders as it provided a constant reminder and psychological reinforcement if they were ever tempted to reoffend. A key element was that the operation called Operation Telstar works on a voluntary basis and ensures that participating individuals were fully consented and that they were willing to receive some form of rehabilitation to change their lifestyle. The cost per tag was £200 per month however compared to the costs of crime it was deemed cost-effective. DCS Bussey confirmed that the effectiveness of the operation was subject to ongoing review and that data will be presented on a quarterly basis. Currently 20 volunteers took part in this operation however this cohort would increase in due course.


Comments and questions:


·        Liz Mammat asked C I Rob Weir whether the tags were kept on for 24 hours of the day to which he replied that the tag was kept on all the time and cannot be removed.

·        Liz Mammat also asked how long the tag should be kept on to which C I Rob Weir responded that there was no set period and was dependent on individual cases but the maximum period was 6 months.

·        Chris Boucher asked what happened if the offender committed a crime whilst wearing the tag. C I Rob Weir stated that this would lead to standard procedures of prosecution and imprisonment.

·        Satvinder Buttar commented that as the tagging was consented this operation would not target those offenders who do not want rehabilitation and therefore this cohort of offenders would be missed. C I Rob Weir stated that this was the first stage of this initiative and the police propose to widen this initiative to include, for example, offenders who have just been released from prison and paedophiles.


The Chair thanked C I Rob Weir to present information on the operation on behalf of DCS Carl Bussey.


Police Progress Update pdf icon PDF 44 KB

  • Safer Neighbourhood Team Reports
  • Crime Maps
  • Complaints Data
  • Stop & Search Data

Additional documents:


C I Rob Weir began the update by referring to page 47 in the agenda pack which provided on overview of Hounslow Borough Performance. C I Rob Weir stated that overall the reduction in the 7 priority crimes set out by MOPAC has been almost 20%. Residential burglary has benefited the most at a reduction of 22%. For robbery there had been at almost 40% reduction. C I Rob Weir stated that he was proud of the performance which is almost the best performance in MPS. C I Rob Weir also spoke about the anti-social behaviour (ASB) Summer Initiative 2013 which was undertaken to improve public confidence as it was found that although crime levels were being reduced; the level of public confidence was low in the borough. Estate Police Officers were funded by LBH to visit places such as Convent Way to speak to locals about their concerns around ASB and gather information. ASB hotspots were identified and this information was shared with youth workers so that they could visit these places and encourage young people to take up other activities. C I Rob Weir stated that this initiative had also been very successful however a lot more could be done to improve ASB further in Hounslow and the police continue to work on this.


The Chair thanked C I Rob Weir for presenting the reports and encouraged the good work by the police that had been done recently with significant crime reductions.


Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Group)


Rachel Heydon stated that the same area of Bedfont had been burgled as last year and was concerned about becoming too complacent. C I Rob Weir responded that seasonal peaks were expected at this time of the year. Intelligence was being developed and certain people had been identified in this case who the police will be visiting.


Samantha Christie asked about targetting ASB in Hounslow to which C I Rob Weir replied that the ASB Summer Initiative resulted in a reduction of 8% however a lot more work needed to be done.


Councillor Melvin Colins asked how police dealt with the increase in amount of GBH over the Halloween and Diwali period which was recently published in the Hounslow Chronicle. C I Rob Weir stated that it was a challenging period; however detection rate was good and quite a few arrests were made and confirmed that Hounslow High Street had big reductions.



Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Public)

Members of the Group or members of the public may raise matters regarding local policing. A more effective response can be provided if advance notice is given to the Secretary before 1pm on the day of the meeting. A question paper is enclosed with the agenda.


Member of the public raised a concern which was raised at the previous meeting regarding a reported hate crime in relation to the Home Office van with the slogan ‘In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest’. The Chair emphasised the point that it was not appropriate to discuss this case any further in the absence of the victim.




London Wide Update


There was no update.


CPCG Annual Report pdf icon PDF 572 KB


The group approved the 2012-13 CPCG Annual Report.


Progress on Transition to Safer Neighbourhood Board pdf icon PDF 362 KB

Additional documents:


The Chair welcomed James Tate, Programme Manager at MOPAC, to the meeting.


James Tate was pleased to witness a wide range of active members on the Hounslow CPCG. James Tate began with a London-wide update on progress on the transition from CPCG to Safer Neighbourhood Boards (SNB). James Tate stated that most of the boroughs had submitted their proposals. James Tate emphasised once again that MOPAC continues to be non-prescriptive about the proposed model and how boroughs would like to deliver the proposed functions and select and appoint members.


James Tate stated that the proforma to access the £1m Mayor’s London-wide Crime Prevention Fund and the formula by which the money will be released to boroughs is still being developed. The formula will be based on factors such as population, deprivation and crime statistics including other factors. James also confirmed that the boroughs will not receive less money than they previously received.


Comments and questions:


·        Mohammad Chaudhryraised a number of concerns about the proposed model including lack of funding to cover administration costs and the fact that because crime rates were lower in Hounslow compared to most other boroughs; he felt that this may lead to a reduction in much deserved funding and support. James Tate responded by stating that this was a challenge however it brought along opportunity to change and innovate ways of working which could prove beneficial in the long-term. The aim was to cap administration funds so that the remaining could be used for specific initiatives for example to aim at hard to reach communities.

·        Mohammad Chaudhry also asked if any reserves which had been accumulated over the years could be used to cover shortfalls. James Tate stated that this would not be possible.  

·        Mohammad Chaudhry also commented that the composition of the group will be changing as the membership will be reduced and the biggest effect will be on the community groups as not all groups will automatically sit on the new board. A suggestion was made to community groups to consider joining, for example, the Hounslow Community Network which could possibly link into the proposed Hounslow SNB.

·        Rachel Heydon questioned whether the outcomes from the consultations held with CPCGs had any influence on the Mayor’s proposal of SNBs; James Tate confirmed that the consultations had an important part.

·        Satvinder Buttar stated that the transformation of Hounslow CPCG to Hounslow SNB will be a standard agenda item from now until the transition happened. Meetings were being held with CPCG Executive Steering Group members to draft a proposal and terms of reference which shall be shared with the larger group at the forthcoming meeting.

·        Councillor Mayne added that it would be interesting to see how Hounslow SNB can work more closely with the CSP Board to make the work more efficiently. Councillor Mayne suggested that a crime summit could be held to link Hounslow SNB and CSP Board where community groups can engage with the local police.


The Chair confirmed that further details on the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 32.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting


The next meeting will take place on Monday 20 January 2014.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 44 KB


Samantha Christie asked how hotspots were selected for CCTV cameras. Councillor Mayne stated that CCTVs on a fixed position were placed in response to community safety concerns or due to parking issues which was a joint decision made by the police and Hounslow Council.


Councillor Collins thanked Police Sergeant Annie Balchin and wished her well for her future.


C I Rob Weir stated that body cameras were being purchased with the support from LBH to use especially in cases of domestic violence so that footage can be captured as evidence.


Chris Boucher added that his organisation had been approached to increase the awareness of domestic violence. A poster campaign was being planned for Hounslow High Street and Domestic Violence Christmas Tree lights will be turned on at 4pm on Friday 29 November. Chris Boucher requested group to contact him for further information.


The group members had a discussion on the approach to be taken to winding up the Hounslow CPCG finances.