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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Open Area, Lampton Park Conference Centre (Civic Centre), Lampton Road, Hounslow

Contact: James Winstanley by phone on 020 8583 2075 or by email at  james.winstanley@hounslow.gov.uk 

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AGM - Election of group officers - 19.00 - 19.10

The following officers are to be elected from the amongst the Groups membership.


·        Chair

·        Two Vice Chairs

·        Honorary Treasurer


Nomination forms were made available in advance of the meeting. Voting members were asked to return completed nomination forms by 3 May 2013.


As three nominations were received for two Vice Chair posts there will be a secret ballot at the AGM. Voting forms will be provided.  Each voting member may vote for two Vice Chairs.  The nominees are:


·        SatvinderButtar, Hounslow Race and Equalities Council

·        Mohammad Chaudhry, Pakistan Welfare Association

·        Richard Eason, Isleworth Safer Neighbourhood Panel


The Group made the following appointments:


·        Chair – Meenu Dhiri

·        Community Representatives – Rachel Heydon and Lata Dhiri

·        Honorary Treasurer – David Hardman


It was resolved following a vote to defer the appointment of the Vice Chairs to a future meeting and for the CPCG to continue with Satvinder Buttar acting as the sole Vice Chair.



Appointment of the Executive - 19.10 - 19.15

The Chair, Vice Chairs, Honorary Treasurer, Borough Commander and Partnership Chief Inspector are all ex-officio members of the Executive. In addition, the Group is invited to appoint two Community Representatives and one elected Member of Hounslow Council to the Executive.


The appointment of the Area Committee representative was deferred to a future meeting following the appointment of Area committees CPCG representatives. 



Welcome and Apologies for Absence - 19.15 - 19.20


The Chair welcomed members to the meeting. Apologies for absence were noted.


John Rowntree was thanked for his long service and valuable contribution to Hounslow CPCG and was presented with a gift from Det. Ch. Supt. Carl Bussey.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 18 March 2013 and Matters Arising - 19.20 - 19.25 pdf icon PDF 72 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 18 March were agreed as an accurate record subject to the following amendments:


·        Minute 74 - Cllr Mammatt clarified that she had questioned the abolition of a dispersal order in Feltham


The following matters arising were discussed:


·        ANPR Value for money – there had been 50 arrests. ANPR useful in tackling organised groups. Further information to be appended to the minutes.

·        CI Weir reported that a meeting would be arranged for Safer Neighbourhood Panel Chairs. Dates were being arranged.

·        Responding to members requests for more senior representatives to attend SNP Mr Bussey said an officer at Sergeant or above would be made available to attend the next meeting.





MPS Presentation: Local Policing Model - 19:25 to 19:45 pdf icon PDF 495 KB


Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey delivered a presentation on the Local Policing Model.  He said that the police are required to save more than £500m by April 2015 as well as cutting crime by 20%, increase Londoners confidence in the MPS by 20% and to improve and change its capability to enable it to meet its cost by 20%.


Each ward will have 1 dedicated PC and PCSO and supporting PC as well as 1 DC working alongside each neighbourhood.  The Hounslow Town centre team will stay in place and maintain their good results and hard work. Each neighbourhood will continue to have 1 Inspector and would have 1 detective inspector working with these teams.


Mr Bussey explained that the recruitment and training of police officers was in progress. Over the summer 48 new trainee officers will be joining the Borough in Neighbourhood teams. There would be 365 Police Constables in Hounslow. The new officers would be coming to the borough with some experience as many were ex PCSO’s.


Mr Bussey said they would continue to assess demand and allocate resources effectively however each sector would be overseen by an inspector and they were looking at increasing the number of sergeants. There would be a completely ring fenced PC for each ward.  The town centre would have an enhanced team.


Mr Bussey explained that he had taken a scientific approach to the location of new contact points. Plans were at a consultation stage and he would be able to report back to the group on what proposals go through.


Mr Bussey explained that in future there would be a hardening up of response teams which meant their role had been expanded beyond engagement.  Plans outlined will be a better policing model for the borough.




Responding to members questions on the location of contact points in the Chiswick/Brentford area Mr Bussey said the likely contact point was Cornish House on Green Dragon Lane. Police stations that remain open would retain their custody suites even if they do not have a front counter.


Responding to member’s questions on the future role of PCSOs under the new model Mr Bussey said many officers had come through the PCSO route and they would look again at the powers available to them. 





CSP Update: Strategic Assessment - 19:45 to 19:55 pdf icon PDF 45 KB


Members heard that the strategic assessment was a statutory yearly assessment of the levels and patterns of crime, disorder, substance misuse and reoffending in the Borough. The Strategic Assessment allows CSP partners to identify existing and emerging priorities and leads to an agreed strategic plan for the proceeding year.


The strategic Assessment was agreed by the Community safety Partnership Board on 16 May 2013 and would be available for download from the Council website in the following week. 


Members requested that a representative from the Community Safety Team provide a presentation on the work of the Community Safety Partnership at a future meeting.




i.                    Community Safety Team to provide an update on the Community Safety Partnership at a future meeting.




Police Progress Update - 20.05 - 20.25 pdf icon PDF 233 KB

  • Safer Neighbourhood Team Reports
  • Crime Maps
  • Complaints data
  • Stop & Search Data

Additional documents:


Mr Bussey referred members to the overview of Hounslow Boroughs Performance on page 74 of the agenda pack. Although there had been reductions in crime he said he was keen to carry on performing beyond the targets.


There was an increase in homophobic crime from 15 to 27 reported crimes and the police were doing a lot of work in this area.  Overall there had been improvements in the reported crime rates as a result of police actions to invest in offender management, targeting offenders and making people comply with their curfews. They were building on a good performance year. Detection was key because they needed to solve crimes in order to reduce the number of reported crimes.


Mr Bussey reported that he was looking into evidence based policing models, in particular predictive policing, which had been show to work elsewhere. He would be prepared to deliver a presentation on the predictive policing model at a future meeting of the CPCG. They were also looking at using GPS to track offenders on a voluntary basis. It was important to continually improve and to invest in new ways of doing business and the Police would continue to work more with neighbourhood teams and Safer Neighbourhood Panels. 




i.                    Police to deliver a presentation on predictive policing models at a future meeting of the CPCG






Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Group) - 20.25 - 20.35


Referring to the statistics on residential burglary a member asked for an explanation of the low detection rate. Mr Bussey responded that there was a current operation addressing this issue and he had formed a team to respond to this crime type. They had been set a target of two arrests per week.


A member asked for an explanation of the basic cause of victim based crime.  Mr Bussey explained that victim based crimes excluded public order offences and they were seeing some increases. People were sometimes distracted by their phones and were vulnerable to thieves snatching phones while riding bicycles.  There was therefore a need to get a public message out about people being aware of their surroundings and potential risks.


A member requested an explanation for theft from a motor vehicle hotspots presented on page 92 of the agenda pack.  Mr Bussey said a predictive policing approach would help ensure that resources are put in the right place to deal with such hotspots. There were police operations in place to address the issues and they were working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure convictions for theft from a motor vehicle.


A member asked a question regarding the treatment of mental health service users in custody.  Mr Bussey responded that custody officers were all trained in recognising vulnerable suspects. Anyone with mental health issues would be dealt with in the presence of an appropriate adult. The report on this issue from police was to be attached to the minutes. 



Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Public) - 20.35 - 20.45

Members of the Group or members of the public may raise matters regarding local policing. A more effective response can be provided if advance notice is given to the Secretary before 1pm on the day of the meeting. A question paper is enclosed with the agenda.


See 90.


MOPAC update - Tamsin Williams


Members were referred to a report from the MOPAC engagement officer.


Mohammed Chaudhry reported that he had been to a seminar hosted by MOPAC on the transition to SNB. MOPAC would be consulting with local partners over the year. It was expected that the Board would have fewer members but expanded responsibilities to hold the local police to account. It was requested that this issue be kept on the agenda of the CPCG.



Date and Venue of Next Meeting - 22 July 2013


The date of the next meeting was noted.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 41 KB


The Executive would work with the police to take forward opportunities for members to shadow police officers.