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Venue: Open Area, Lampton Park Conference Centre (Civic Centre), Lampton Road, Hounslow

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Welcome and Apologies for Absence - 19:00 to 19:05


The Chair welcomed members to the meeting. Apologies for absence were noted.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 January 2013 and Matters Arising - 19:05 to 19:10 pdf icon PDF 72 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 21 January 2013 were agreed as an accurate record. Cllr Oulds requested information which demonstrated that Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology provided value for money.



i.                    Police to provide value for money data for Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology.



Member Organisation Presentation: Hounslow Muslim Women's Association - 19.10 - 19.25


This item was deferred.


MOPaC Update: Tamsin Williams 19.25 - 19.45


Tamsin Williams, MOPaC Borough Information and Engagement Officer, reported that the 2013/2014 MOPAC budget had been agreed and application packs for CPEG application packs had been circulated.  MOPaC would work with CPCG’s to manage the transition to Safer Neighbourhood Boards (SNBs) and host a seminar on the issue on 17 April. Ms Williams said the consultation on the new policing plan had involved communities throughout London and MOPaC had gone through the responses to identify peoples concerns.


Response to questions from members



1.      The CPEG budget had been reduced by 20%

2.      It was unclear whether Hounslow CPCG would be allowed to keep the surplus from 2012/2013.

3.      MOPaC were aiming to build upon and improve existing community engagement structures. They would work and improve links with the neighbourhood watch. 


Ms Williams said there would be strategic changes to neighbourhood watches.  It was important to ensure representative public engagement on these bodies. They were looking particularly polish speakers and seniors and were utilising a range of media including social media.


Det.Ch. Supt. Bussey said the police would deliver a presentation on the new policing model to the next meeting of the group in May 2013.




Community Police engagement in Hounslow - Discussion 19:45 - 20:00


The Chair invited members to comment on community police engagement in Hounslow.  The following comments were made:


·        The police should link national issues to local priorities. In the new municipal year issues should be addressed in relation to safer neighbourhoods and community cohesion.


·        A member questioned the use of evidence in the development of police priorities. He said should be based on facts and analysis. He was keen that the CPCG were proactive in its role.


·        There were issues regarding how SNB’s would appropriately reflect the local community if membership was reduced from current CPCG numbers.  Over time the Group had developed and become more valuable.  Members did not want this to diminish and for borough level issues to be overlooked.


·        It would help the Group move towards a new model to have an indication of the funding situation up to 2016.


Questions from members


Responding to a question on the total policing strength Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey said under the local policing model there would be an increase in the number of officers.


A member commented that in his area they had been affected by a reduction in the number of police officers and that a Safer Neighbourhood Panel had not been held for some time. He said there was concern that police resources were stretched and that there was an increase in burglaries. Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey responded that he was working to fill vacancies in safer neighbourhood teams.


Cllr Collins questioned whether Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey, Borough Commander would be shared with neighbouring boroughs. Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey confirmed that at present there were no plans for Hounslow to share a borough commander with another borough.


Questions from the Public 


An attendee questioned whether police objectives aligned with their targets. Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey responded that he was keen that the objectives of ward panels are addressed at ward level and in future each ward would have a dedicated Police Constable unless there was a critical incident.  


An attendee questioned police numbers in Isleworth.  Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey said if there was a spike in burglaries he would allocate more officers to the area. If rates were low then they would be allocated to where they were needed in the borough.


Mr Buttar asked Ms Williams whether MOPaC would publish a guidance document on community engagement. Ms Williams responded that although there would be guidelines they will need to work on a borough by borough basis. It was important to work with local partners and identify gaps.


A member suggested that it would be useful for developing local models if the Chairs of Safer Neighbourhood Panel meetings met. It would be useful to know Panel Chairs views on how they want to engage with the police.



i.                    Police to arrange meeting of Safer Neighbourhood Panel and Neighbourhood watch Chairs


Ms Williams said she was happy to help with the development of this meeting which should be open to the public.






Police Progress Update - 20.15 - 20.35 pdf icon PDF 249 KB

  • Safer Neighbourhood Team Reports
  • Crime Maps
  • Stop & Search Data
  • Complaints data

Additional documents:


Det.Ch. Supt. Bussey referred members to the police progress update report in the agenda pack and explained that vehicle crime and anti social behaviour were top tier crimes. There was some consistency in the rates. 


Cllr Mammatt commented that there had been a reduction in the use of dispersal orders resulting in an increase in anti social behaviour. There were also increasing concerns with metal theft and pick pocketing.


Det.Ch. Supt. Bussey responded that he was developing problem solving initiatives around dispersals and would request that CI Weir look into this issue.  There needed to be enhanced partnership working to ensure that dispersal orders were not the only response to antisocial behaviour. Metal theft was a big issue involving organised criminals and theft of catalytic converters was considered a high impact crime.  The police were targeting metal theft and making regular visits to scrap metal dealers.  Pick pockets targeted high footfall areas and were organised and mobile. The police had allocated resources to Feltham town centre in response with the result that there were no recorded incidents on a high risk day.


Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Group) 20.35 - 20.45


Responding to member’s questions on hate crime figures Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey said he would be able to provide members with data and would include this information in the agenda pack at future meetings.



i.                    Police to provide statistics on hate crime with agenda pack for May 2013 meeting.


Det. Ch. Supt. Bussey reported that under the MOPAC plan there would be seven specific crime types.


·        Burglary would include residential and non residential burglary

·        Criminal damage, as there was a 25% reduction in this offence it would get progressively harder to meet the target.

·        Robbery would in future include commercial robbery

·        Theft from motor vehicle

·        Theft from the person would be given more prominence

·        Violence against the person would include a split between domestic and non domestic types.


Members were advised to contact the police or the CPCG Secretariat if they required any information on crime data. 



Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Public) - 20.45 - 20.55

Members of the Group or members of the public may raise matters regarding local policing. A more effective response can be provided if advance notice is given to the Secretary before 1pm on the day of the meeting. A question paper is enclosed with the agenda.


Responding to an attendees question on the policing of football matches in the borough Det.Ch. Supt. Bussey explained that they assessed the history and the profile of the supporters before deciding on an appropriate response. 


A member requested an explanation for the apparent increase in incidents of homophobic crime reported in the borough.  Det.Ch. Supt. Bussey responded that there were no spikes and the majority of the increase could be attributed to an improvement in third party reporting.


An attendee asked if police statistics were publicly available. Det.Ch. Supt. Bussey responded that statistics had been provided in the agenda pack. They could be available elsewhere but not necessarily in the same format.  Policing statistics were subject to change on a daily basis.







CPEG Funding 2013/2014 - Item for noting


·        Funding limit for Hounslow £27,996

·        The funding bid format will be the same format as last year. However, the CPCG must indicate how it intends to work with MOPaC to support the transition to Safer Neighbourhood Board’s (SNB’s) in their funding bid.

·        CPCG Executive has agreed to submit a bid for 2013/2014 based on equivalent work programme to 2012/2013 and maintain current level of activity.



Members noted the information provided on CPEG funding.


Hounslow Youth Crime Conference - Item for noting pdf icon PDF 51 KB


Members noted the report on the youth crime conference.


Annual General Meeting: Member voting list and nomination forms pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Additional documents:


Members noted the voting forms and voting list.


CPCG meeting calendar 2013/2014 - Item for noting pdf icon PDF 41 KB


Members noted the meeting calendar.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting (AGM) - 20 May 2013


The date of the next meeting was noted.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 41 KB


Cllr Collins reported that the Overview and Scrutiny Committee had submitted its six monthly scrutiny of performance report to Cabinet. The report demonstrated that the Overview and Scrutiny Committee was addressing community safety issues and included details of scrutiny funds allocated to the Community Safety Team for burglary prevention initiatives.  


Nowell Anderson reported that there had been a series of burglaries in the Osterly and Isleworth area which had created concerns. He said he had escalated the issue to the Borough Commander and the problem had been taken care of. Mr Anderson reported positively on his experience.