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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Open Area, Lampton Park Conference Centre (Civic Centre), Lampton Road, Hounslow

Contact: Frances Nwanodi by phone on 020 8583 2064 or by email at  frances.nwanodi@hounslow.gov.uk 

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Election of Group officers - 19:00 to 19:05

At this AGM elections will take place to the following posts:


Two Vice-Chairs

Honorary Treasurer


Only voting members of the CPCG can be elected to offices. Nomination forms have been sent to the voting members in advance of the meeting. In the event that there are more nominations received than available posts, there will be a secret ballot at the meeting.



Nominations for Chair, Vice Chairs and Honorary Treasurer were announced. The following Group Officers were elected:


-          Chair, Mohammed Chaudhury

-          Vice Chair, Satvinder Buttar

-          Vice Chair, Meenu Dhiri

-          Honorary Treasurer, David Hardman



Appointment of the Executive - 19:05 to 19:10

The Chair, Vice Chairs, Honorary Treasurer, Borough Commander and Partnership Chief Inspector are all ex-officio members of the Executive. In addition, the Group is invited to appoint two Community Representatives and one elected Member of Hounslow Council to the Executive.


The following members were appointed to the Executive.


Community Representative 1 - Lata Dhiri

Community Representative 2 - John Rowntree


Members agreed to postpone the appointment of elected members of Hounslow Council to the Executive until the next group meeting.



Welcome and Apologies for Absence - 19:10 to 19:15


The Chair, Mohammed Chaudhury, welcomed members to the meeting. The Group were informed that there was a new Detective Chief Superintendant for Hounslow and that he would attend the CPCG in future.


The Chair proposed that the Group send an official letter of thanks to Chief Superintendent David Bilson to show its appreciation. This was agreed by the Group.


Apologies for absence were noted.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th March and Matters Arising - 19:15 to 19:20 pdf icon PDF 94 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 19 March were agreed as a true record.



Membership Applications - 19:20 to 19:25 pdf icon PDF 6 MB

  • Vishwa Hindu Kendra, Constitution attached
  • Osterley and Spring Grove SNP, Constitution attached


The above Membership application forms will be available at the meeting

Additional documents:


The Chair reported that the Group had received membership applications from Vishwa Hindu Kendra and Osterly and Spring Grove SNP. Their constitutions and application forms were made available to the Group.


Members commented that Vishwa Hindu Kendra was in fact based in Southall which is in the Ealing local government area.


The Group agreed that:


·        Osterly and Spring Grove SNP application should be approved.

·        Vishwa Hindu Kendra should be rejected and they should be advised to apply to the Ealing CPCG.



Member Organisation Presentation: Hounslow Community Alliance - 19:25 to 19:35


Hounslow Community Alliance (HCA) representative Ibukan Skorinwa delivered a presentation explaining its purpose and activities in the local area. He explained that HCA works in partnership with Christian faith groups, charities and Metropolitan Police to foster a peaceful, safer and integrated society. The Alliance provides community orientated seminars and workshops that seek to inspire and empower members of the community to achieve their personal dreams and aspirations.  It also supports young offenders and ex-convicts and helps to develop young people in sports, music and the arts.


Mr Skorinwa reported that the alliance was organising its flagship event, the Commufest, for 2 June. The event, which usually attracts around 500 participants will be held in Inwood Park and include a range of activities including cultural displays. There were also other events scheduled for the future including peace walks and interdenominational services.


Cycling: Presentation by the MPS - 1935 to 19:50


PC Darren Bowles provided the Group with information on cycling issues in Hounslow and the work of the Cycle Task Force.



PC Bowles used CCTV footage to demonstrate that bikes are particularly susceptible to theft by criminals using bolt cutters to cut through cheap bike locks in the street.  Bikes were often sold on the internet within hours of being stolen. Cyclists were advised to spend 10% of the value of their bike on bike locks and to use two types thereby requiring the thief to use two types of tool and spending longer in the act. The police were advising cyclists that they should record the details of their bike, including photographic images and register their bike with the police.


The MPS response included:


-          High visibility patrols

-          Decoy operations

-          Cycle marking

-          Internet investigations – Police had a good relationship with Gumtree and Ebay and were able to get background information on sellers. 


Road safety

PC Bowles reported that casualties amongst cyclists had increased in 2011 and presented the Group with footage of a police operation which aims to change cyclists behaviour through a practical demonstration of the dangers cyclists face at junctions and turns from HGVs and Buses. The operation allows cyclists to sit in an HGV and observe that they would be unable to see a cyclist on their near side when they are turning. He also showed footage which demonstrated some bad cycle practice on the streets of London. He explained that in response the police were speaking to cyclists about the dangers, organising demonstrations and issuing fixed penalty notices.  


MPS response to questions from the Group

In response to members questions PC Bowles responded that although officers were able to give out penalty notices it was not easy to confirm a correct address unless the offender was properly processed and had appeared in court.  He explained that where there are traffic infringements his colleagues in traffic enforcement are more than happy to give out tickets. There is also training available for HGV and bus drivers on cyclist awareness.


Regarding the use of alarms, PC Bowles advised that they were not particularly useful as an alarm is not likely to deter thieves and people who hear the alarm would not want to get involved. Thieves were mostly opportunistic, therefore bikes were rarely stolen for export, although there had been instances where specialist bikes had been stolen to order.



MPS Update on 2012 Olympics and Paralympics impact on the London Borough of Hounslow - 19:50 - 19:55


Acting CI Wilson reported that MPS planning for the Olympics and Paralympics was going very well. He outlined the context in which the police were operating and informed the Group that extra resources had to be put into Olympic and central London areas because of the numbers of visitors and because 2/3 of athletes would be knocked out of the competition in the first few days. This is likely to result in extra work for the police in central London as was their involvement in cover for the Notting Hill Carnival.


In Hounslow the only event of the Olympics will be the torch relay. Although the route is yet to be confirmed it is likely to be from Kew Bridge along the London road to Hounslow, Hounslow high street and up Lampton road to the Civic Centre where it will be rested for lunch before going to Hillingdon Borough.


Acting CI Wilson explained that in response the police in Hounslow have planned an Olympic shift pattern with enhanced numbers left on the 999 system, reduced safer neighbourhood teams and plans to use specials.  Police resources would be stretched but they had cancelled leave for officers and were therefore able to meet the increased demand for manpower.


In response to members requests for further clarity on the resources available at ward level Acting CI Wilson said that safer neighbour teams must cluster and will be undertaking shorter shifts. The police are seeking to balance demands on the service.


Police Progress Update - 20:10 to 20:30 pdf icon PDF 109 KB

  • Safer Neighbourhood Team Reports
  • Crime Maps
  • Stop & Search Data
  • Complaints Statistics

Additional documents:


Acting CI Wilson provided an update on local crime trends which showed that crime had increased. He reported that a new Detective Chief Superintendant was in place and that this would have a positive impact on the force’s response. Burglary would be one of the areas targeted by the police over the coming year.  He outlined some of the crime hotspots in the borough that the police were targeting through the town centre team and the local partnerships team.  There was a reduction in activity through increased police visibility. There was also a priority crime scheme and gang activity would be targeted. 


Local Police Model

The local policing model will be based on a territorial approach working with a special crime directorate.  The Force’s spending plans are very positive with police activity focussed on neighbourhoods.   




·        Officers will be responsible for policing in a cluster with the inspector in charge of 5 wards

·        PCSOs will be more involved in crime prevention.

·        Area committees will need to change to meet new ward profiles.





Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Group) - 20:30 to 20:40


Members asked whether residents are advised to dial 101 or 999 to report antisocial behaviour and whether the courts where made aware when families on ASBOS change address.


Acting CI Wilson responded that residents should contact their safer neighbourhood teams as a first point of contact and then 101. 999 should be used where an emergency response is required. Police intelligence databases should include details of ASBO addresses.


Members asked for an explanation of the police rationale for locating the knife bin in the grounds of a church.


Acting CI Wilson said that the knife bins are located on the premises of a church because the church has been helping with the operation. There will be an advertising campaign on the back of local buses to highlight their role and emphasised that it is an important issue for the MPS.


Clarifying the cluster model, he explained that the MPS still needs to find £200m in savings. In order to do this MPS has had to take resources away from specialist units to give them to neighbourhood teams. This allows public and committees to still have a single point of contact. The report is only a plan, but looking at the crime maps and the location of the new ward the plans make geographical sense.



Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Public) - 20:40 to 20:50

Members of the Group or members of the public may raise matters regarding local policing. A more effective response can be provided if advance notice is given to the Secretary before 1pm on the day of the meeting. A question paper is enclosed with the agenda.


In response to a question on whether people on ASBOs are required to notify their housing provider if they change address, Acting CI Wilson advised that housing tenants are only required to notify housing providers if they are sex offenders. However, police work very closely with housing providers to monitor tenants with ASBOs. Hounslow Homes said that they will let police know when residents have changed address. Hounslow Homes also sits on forums with the police where they address issues such as Anti Social Behaviour. Acting CI Wilson informed the Committee that staff at Hume House have been moved to Brentford Police Station. They will then be moved onto Hounslow police station.




Hounslow Community and Police Consultative Group: Amendment to the Constitution - 20:50 to 20:55 pdf icon PDF 67 KB


Members agreed to the proposed changes to the CPCG constitution to include references to the Mayors Office for Policing and Crime. 



London Wide Update (including minutes where available)


Date and Venue of Next Meeting: 7pm on 2nd July 2012 at the Lampton Park Conference Centre


Date and venue of next meeting 7pm on 2 July 2012, Lampton Park Conference Centre.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 42 KB