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Venue: Open Area, Ground Floor Annex - Civic Centre (Committee rooms)

Contact: Frances Nwanodi by phone on 020 8583 2064 or by email at  frances.nwanodi@hounslow.gov.uk 

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Welcome and Apologies for Absence (19:00 - 19:05)


The Chair, Mohammad Chaudhury, welcomed members to the meeting, in particular Camillus Osubor, Deputy Member for the Hounslow Community Alliance, who was attending his first Hounslow Community and Police Consultative Group (CPCG) meeting.  Members and Public in attendance rose for a minutes silence in recognition of the passing away of Alan Keen MP.


Apologies for absences were noted.  Mohammad Chaudhry commented that Andy Atkinson, Hounslow Residents Group, had not attended recent CPCG meetings.  None of the members had had any contact with him.



Frances Nwanodi to:

        i.            send a letter of condolences to the Keen family

      ii.            send a get well card to Andy Atkinson



Membership Application from Bedfont Safer Neighbourhood Panel (19:05 to 19:10) pdf icon PDF 90 KB


Mohammad Chaudhury explained that the membership application form on pages1 to 2 related to all the Safer Neighbourhood Panels (SNPs) in the West Area and not just Bedfont SNP as indicated on the application form.  He reminded members that SNPs in the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) had been invited to join the Hounslow CPCG and an SNP in the LBH requesting membership of the Hounslow CPCG would be automatically accepted.



i.                    Frances Nwanodi to amend Hounslow CPCG membership records and contacts details to include Rachel Heydon as a Representative for the West Area SNP.



Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th September 2011 and Matters Arising (19:10 to 19:15) pdf icon PDF 89 KB


Cllr Ed Mayne’s apologies for the meeting held on 12th September 2011 had not been recorded – he had been on annual leave.  There were no further amendments to or matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.  Subject to the amendment of the attendance record, the minutes were signed by the Chair as a true record.


Cllr Mammatt commented that the visit to Keston Dog Training Centre had been both informative and interesting.



Presentation: Tackling Residential Burglary in London Borough of Hounslow (19:15 to 19:35) pdf icon PDF 79 KB


Superintendent Paul Martin delivered a presentation about how the Hounslow Police were tackling residential burglary in the LBH (refer to the attached presentation and agenda pack pages 10 to 13).


The following points were made in addition to the slides:


Hotspots:  It was emphasised that the Hounslow Police were concerned about meeting residents’ expectations as well as achieving a reduction of the numbers of victims across all types of crimes.


There had been a number of incidents of forty-two inch televisions being stolen in Hounslow East with four people arrested when they were caught walking with the televisions on the streets at night.


Last year there had been approximately two hundred and fifty burglaries with the purpose of finding car keys in order to steal cars.  A number of arrests had been made and some cars had been returned to their owners.  However there had been a re-emergence of this trend.


The burglary pattern in Bedfont indicated that more than one offender was responsible for burglaries in the area.


Burglary Policing Plan:  An Operation Panel was in the process of re-assessing how burglary was being tackled in the borough, ensuring that resources were being deployed effectively.   Through Operation Hawk all relevant legislation was being brought to bear on offenders, in particular chaotic offenders.  In some instances both the friends and family of such offenders were contacted as well.  Operation Hawk involved working in partnership with other agencies. 


Previously, the publication of top ten Burglars on the MPS website had been very successful, resulting in some individuals turning themselves in.  This tactic was being used again.


A new scheme using unmarked cars had started in the last week and had already proved to be effective.


The LBH Police Team (funded by LBH with match funding from the MPS) had been established and would be at full strength by January 2012.  It could be tasked to tackle issues related to arson, criminal damage, fly-tipping, graffiti, road safety, town centres and enviro-crime.


The following points arose from answers to Hounslow CPCG Members’ questions:

Theft of metals in the last two years had increased, in particular the removing of boiler systems from empty buildings or buildings that were being renovated and removing lead from buildings, for example the case of Brentford Library.  However there had not been any incidents related to the theft of metal from War Memorials.  (There had been some damage to a cemetery.) In response to concerns about the potential threat to War Memorials that had already been raised with Ch Supt David Bilson, he had suggested that the War Memorial Trust and the local Royal British Legion branch catalogue the War Memorials in LBH and it might be possible to use Smart Water to protect them.  Also, Hounslow Police had visited local scrap metal dealers to remind them of their duty to operate within the law.  It would be helpful for MPs to consider stopping the cash trading of scrap metal and implementing a registration system for anyone dealing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 105.


Police Progress Update (19:35 to 19:50) pdf icon PDF 128 KB

  • Safer Neighbourhood Team Reports
  • Crime Maps
  • Stop & Search Data – awaiting latest data
  • Public Complaints Data
  • Stop & Search Complaints Allegations Finalised – 12 months to July 2011

Additional documents:


Ch Supt David Bilson presented the Police Progress Update.  He expressed his concern with the increase in theft from Motor Vehicles, Residential Burglary and Knife enabled crime (agenda pack page 50).  Ch Supt David Bilson gave details about four incidents involving guns or knives that had occurred in the borough over the last few months.  A number of arrests had been made and some guns and knives had been removed from the streets.  Hounslow Police was focussing on removing weapons from the streets and suppressing violence including reprisal attacks that were likely where incidents were gang related.  The increase in domestic violence (DV) might be a result of more DV victims feeling able to report DV incidents or it might signify an increase in the rate of DV incidents in the borough.


With regards to Crime Detection (agenda pack page 51), Ch Supt Bilson said he was not comfortable with the detection rates, in particular the 5% detection rate for residential burglary.  Hounslow Police were in the process of reviewing the structures for deploying detectives.  Also, homophobic crime was being under reported.  Overall, it was likely that the crime figures up to the year end would be better than they were at present.


The Hounslow Borough Crime maps were reviewed (agenda pack pages 53 to 68).  The blue dots on the maps showed where incidents had occurred in September.  The efforts of the SNT deployed to tackle burglary in the Hounslow South area had seen a shift in incidents to Heston.  Police assets had been redeployed to tackle this shift. 


Whilst street crime had increased slightly, when compared to other North-West London boroughs, Hounslow’s position was better.  Incidents tended to occur late at night and during the early hours of the morning.  The Town Centre teams were reacting quickly to incidents.


Incidents of most serious violence had reduced which was in part due to joint work with the licensing team and publicans.


There was still a serious problem with theft from motor vehicles as car owners were leaving high valuable items in plain sight in their vehicles.  Officers continued to leave stickers on vehicles advising owners not to leave valuables in their cars.  A decoy vehicle with Smart Water had been deployed in Chiswick to help tackle the problem.  Two prolific offenders had been arrested and charged.


In comparison to other North-West London boroughs, statistics for robbery and serious youth violence in LBH were better but statistics for burglary were not.  However across London the burglary statistics fitted the general trend. 


There was no Stop and Search data as the bureau that produced the statistics had suspended publication whilst changes were being made.


The following points arose from answers to Hounslow CPCG Members’ questions / Members’ Comments:

A Member commented that the SNT in Chiswick did a good job knocking on residents’ doors to remind them about the importance of not leaving valuables in cars however the SNT’s actions were not always well received by residents.


The knives that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 106.


Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Group) (20:05 to 20:20)


Mohammad Chaudhry read out a written question from Meenu Dhiri, Victim Support.  There had been a blackout in the Hounslow West / Hounslow Heath area during which residents were concerned they were vulnerable to burglaries.  Calls to the 101 number either resulted in the operator hanging up or they were not answered.  It was not possible to contact the local SNT. 


Supt Paul Martin said that in a situation where a person felt vulnerable they should dial 999 and a response would be provided in line with the situation.  The 101 number had been set up for members of the public to report a crime that had already happened, seek crime prevention advice or inform the Police of any policing issues in the local area.  He said that a system was in place to audit calls to the Central Communications Centre and it would be possible to trace the calls made to 101; listen to recordings of the conversations; and identify the operator(s) who took the calls.


At present the agreement with Ringmaster was still in place and this had been developed in partnership with other agencies, including LBH, however Ch Supt David Bilson would continue discussions about moving to a Neighbourhood Network Scheme.


Whilst enquiries about the August Public Disorder Incidents were on going, Hounslow Police had produced a draft document (10,000 VOLT) that had been developed from community consultations carried out in LBH in the wake of the incidents.  The document would be presented to the Group at the January 2012 meeting.


During tasking meetings live crime data was used however the data could not be published until it had been verified.  This meant that the data included in the agenda pack only covered up to a period between 4 to 6 weeks prior to the Hounslow CPCG meeting.  Also, the agenda pack had to be published five clear days before the Hounslow CPCG meeting date which in turn impacted on how up to date the data provided was.


There were different types of Smart Water on the market.  Smart Water was a DNA type fluid that could be used in two ways.  It could be used to mark property by dabbing a few drops of the fluid on property.  Any lost or stolen items that were recovered by the police were put under ultra violet (UV) light to check if they had been marked.  Each Smart Water kit had a specific ‘marker’ which enabled the items to be returned to their rightful owner.  Alternatively, Smart Water could be used through a spray release system and the Smart Water could be detected on a person or property for up to thirty days after being sprayed.  There were some custody suites in London that had UV tunnels which people being detained had to walk through.  Hounslow Police were investigating installing UV filters in custody suites in the borough.


It was noted that the police were tackling the issue of cyclists riding on pavements in the borough and they  ...  view the full minutes text for item 107.


Police Community Consultation - Open Questions and Discussion (Public) (20:20 to 20:30)

Members of the Group or members of the public may raise matters regarding local policing. A more effective response can be provided if advance notice is given to the Secretary before 1pm on the day of the meeting. A question paper is enclosed with the agenda.


A member of the public from Beaver’s Estate expressed his concern about drug dealing on the estate and the abuse residents received from drug addicts.  He said that whilst the community police officers did a good job they had not been able to catch all of the drug dealers.  It was agreed that Sergeant Ehab Al-Hashimi would take details from the resident at the end of the meeting in order for the issue to be investigated.  It was noted that there had been a dispersal order in the area that had been very effective.


Another member of the public asked why it was not possible for Hounslow Police to give him the photographs of the ‘top ten most wanted’ to put on his website even though he could source the photographs elsewhere.  He added that part of the reason he had been given for this by the police was that the photographs had to be removed as soon as a person had been arrested.  Ch Supt David Bilson said that there were issues about controlling information and how information was used however he agreed to look into the matter.  Acting CI Rob Wilson added that it was MPS policy which prohibited the release of the photographs for use by the public.  At present the inquirer provided a link to the MPS website on his website and he was advised that for now it would be best to continue to facilitate access to the photographs in this way.



i.                    Sergeant Ehab Al-Hashimi to follow up on the complaint about Beavers Estate

ii.                  Hounslow Police to investigate the possibility of releasing the photographs of the ‘top ten most wanted’ to the public



Hounslow ICVP Annual Report 2010 (20:30 to 20:40) pdf icon PDF 191 KB

  • Any questions for Vivien Cox, Chair of the Hounslow ICVP


The Hounslow Independent Custody Visiting Panel (ICVP) Report 2010 was noted.  Vivien Cox, Chair of the Hounslow ICVP said that people detained in police custody cells in Hounslow were being treated properly, with due consideration of their human rights. 


Both Mohammad Chaudhry and Ch Supt David Bilson commended Vivien Cox and other Hounslow ICVP volunteers for their voluntary work which helped ensure that the police delivered on its duty to care for those held in custody.


Discussion: Reintroducing 5 minute Member Organisation Presentations (20:40 to 20:50)

  • Are there any new member organisations interested in doing this?
  • Are there any member organisations members would like to hear from again?


Mohammad Chaudhry reminded Members that there had previously been a ‘5 minute slot’ on the Group’s agenda for new or existing members to present their organisations to the Group.  It was agreed that this should be re-introduced and the following schedule was agreed:

a)           January’s meeting        Speak Out in Hounslow

b)           March’s meeting          Hounslow Asian and African Youth Association

c)            May’s meeting              Hounslow Community Alliance



i.                    Frances Nwanodi to include Member Presentations as a standing agenda item for Hounslow CPCG meetings


Hounslow CPCG Small Grants (20:50 to 20:55) pdf icon PDF 62 KB





The following items are for information only:


The summary of the Hounslow CPCG Small Grants applications were reviewed.


Cllr Liz Mammatt declared an interest in the Hounslow CPCG Small Grant application that had been received from the Charity of Elizabeth Jane Jones as she was a trustee of the charity.  (However, as Councillors were non-voting members this fact did not affect the decision being taken.)


Hounslow CPCG Members voted to support the applications from the Hounslow Asian and African Youth Association (HAAYA), Hounslow Muslim Women’s Association and Speak Out in Hounslow, awarding £500.00 to each group.



i.                    Frances Nwanodi to write to all applicants to inform them of the decision about their applications.



London Wide Update (including minutes where available)

No minutes available:

  • 3rd November 2011- Next Chair’s Forum Meeting
  • 20th October 2011 – Commissioner’s Meeting


It was noted that there were no minutes available at present relating to the Chair’s Forum or the Commissioner’s Meeting.  The Commissioner’s meeting had focused on the August Public Disorder incidents.




MPA Newsletters pdf icon PDF 205 KB

  • MET Forward September 2011 issue
  • ICV Newsletter October 2011 issue

Additional documents:


The attached MPA Newsletters were noted.


Mohammad Chaudhry noted that Valerie Brasse, MPA Link Member, would no longer be attending Hounslow CPCG meetings as the MPA was being abolished and he commented that Valerie Brasse had been a valuable member.



i.                    Frances Nwanodi to write to Valerie Brasse expressing Hounslow CPCG Members’ appreciation of her contribution to the Group.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting: 16th January 2012 in the Open Area, Lampton Park Conference Centre


The date and venue of the next meeting were noted.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 42 KB


There was no urgent business.