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No. Item


Appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair




That Councillor Bassam Mahfouz be appointed Chair and Councillor Amritpal Mann be appointed Vice-Chair for the municipal year 2014/2015.


Declarations of interest

Members are reminded that if they have a pecuniary interest in any matter being discussed at the meeting they must declare the interest.  They may not take part in any discussion or vote on a matter in which they have a pecuniary interest.


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the meeting held on 31 January 2014 pdf icon PDF 75 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 31 January 2014 were confirmed.


Minutes of the meeting held on 11 April 2014 pdf icon PDF 102 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 11 April 2014 were confirmed.


Matter arising from the minutes of the special meeting held on 11 April 2014.z


Jim Brennan, Director, updated the Authority on the latest situation regarding the Victoria Road Household Reuse and a Recycling Centre (HRRC).  No agreement had been reached with the London Borough of Hillingdon before the deadline of 1 June 2014. The site had therefore closed.  Four staff had been redeployed.  Two staff had taken voluntary redundancy.  Four staff had secured jobs with SITA.  There had been limited public interest in the closure.  Other civic amenity sites were busier as a result of the closure.  A surveyor had been commissioned to give advice about marketing the site for other uses.  Councillor Fleming felt that it was important that the Authority had given London Borough of Hillingdon a final opportunity to put forward a workable proposal.  She was relieved that the impact of closure on staff had been kept to a minimum.


Dates of future meetings

The Authority traditionally meets on a Friday at 2pm at Hounslow Civic Centre.  The following schedule of dates is proposed:



19 September (previously agreed)

12 December (previously agreed)



30 January

24 April

26 June

18 September

11 December




That the following schedule of meetings for the Authority be approved:


Friday 19 September 2014 at 10am

Friday 12 December 2014 at 10am

Friday 30 January 2015 at 10am

Friday 24 April 2015 at 10am

Friday 26 June 2015 at 10am

Friday 18 September 2015 at 10am

Friday 11 December 2015 at 10am


Audit Committee

To appoint:




One other Member


To note the existing appointment of the Independent Member, Andrea White, until 31 August 2016


To consider proposed dates of meetings of the Audit Committee which have in the past been on a Wednesday evening at Hounslow Civic Centre at 7pm:



10 September (previously agreed)



14 January

10 June

9 September



Resolved –


(a)      That the following appointments be made to the Audit Committee for the Municipal Year 2014/2015:


Councillor Amritpal Mann (Chair)

Councillor Keith Burrows (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Keith Perrin


(b)      That the Committee Clerk consult members of the Audit Committee on the dates of meetings for the Municipal Year 2014/2015


Draft Statement of Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2014 pdf icon PDF 148 KB

Additional documents:


See report of the Treasurer (agenda item 8).


Jay Patel, Head of Finance and Performance, introduced the report.   Good progress was made towards building up reserves to the target £3 million. Financial management and performance was improving.  Most of the recommendations in the Internal Auditors report would be implemented by 31 July 2014.


In response to questions, he confirmed that the current level of reserves did not yet meet the Authority’s target.  A one off payment of £2.9m to settle the historical debt to the London Borough of Harrow had been in the Authority’s best interests but impacted on the reserves. Expected pension revaluation may however boost the reserves figure.  He informed Members that there was a small overspend in period two of this financial year but it was not possible yet to predict whether this was significant or not.   More information would be available at the autumn meeting of the Authority. Andrea White suggested that there were still significant budget variations and it was not yet possible to say with certainty that the Authority had resolved all the issues over financial performance.


Jay Patel confirmed that there was an action plan with timescales to implement all the audit recommendations concerning contract management.  Robust processes were in place for letting new contracts.


Jim Brennan, Director, wished to thank Jay Patel for the significant improvements on financial management.  There had been far fewer issues raised by the external auditor in connection with the 2013/2014 accounts.


Resolved -


That the following be noted:


a)         The Final Statement of Accounts will be presented for approval to the September Audit Committee and Authority meetings.


b)          The 2013/14 provisional out-turn figures.


c)         The Draft Statement of Accounts, and Annual Governance Statement contained therein, attached as Appendix 1 to the report.


d)         The Annual Position Statement from the Internal Auditors attached as Appendix 2 to the report.


e)         The Risk Register attached as Appendix 3 to the report.


f)          The Deloitte’s presentation to the March Audit Committee attached as Appendix 4 to the report.


Budget Monitoring Report Period 2 (2014-15) pdf icon PDF 401 KB


See report of the Treasurer (agenda item 9)


Jay Patel, Head of Finance and Performance, introduced the report.


The overall picture showed a small overspend in the first two months of the financial year 2014/2015.  The main area of overspend was on waste transport and disposal.  Key performance indicators were all green or amber.  


Andrea White, Independent Member, referred to the proposed internal audit work programme for 2014/2015.  She felt that it was important that the programme should include follow up and testing that audit recommendations on contract management had been implemented.  It was agreed that officers update the next Audit Committee on progress on implementing the audit recommendations on contract management.


In response to a question, Jim Brennan, Director, stated that green waste tonnages were very seasonal and variable year on year.  Further detailed work was being undertaken to try and understand those variations. He also explained that only HRRC tonnages had a direct affect on the Authority’s budget.


Resolved -


a)       That the current financial position in 2014/15 to period 2 and Key Performance Indicators to period 2 for 2014/15 as set out in Appendix 1 to the report be noted.


b)       That the Annual Internal Audit Plan for 2014/15 be noted.


c)       That the financial regulations recommended by September’s Audit Committee as set out in Appendix 2 to the report be approved.


d)       That the Director’s delegated decision to purchase replacement plant at a cost of £149,300 be noted.


Corporate Governance - Review of Scheme of Delegation to Officers pdf icon PDF 235 KB


See report of the Director, Clerk and Treasurer (item 10).


Resolved -


a)       That the revised Scheme of Delegation to Officers set out at appendix 1 to the report be agreed.


b)       That the Clerk be instructed to make necessary amendments to Standing Orders, Finance and Tender and  Contract Regulations consequent to the agreement of these revisions.




Impact of HS2 rail link on Victoria Road Waste Transfer Station pdf icon PDF 460 KB


See report of the Director and Chief Technical Adviser (item 11).


Resolved -


a)       That the potential impact of the HS2 rail link on the Victoria Road site and on its operations be noted.


b)       That the retrospective resolution of the Authority to oppose High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill be approved.


c)       That in the judgment of the West London Waste Authority it is expedient for the Authority to oppose the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill introduced in the Session of Parliament 2013-14.


d)       That the Director take all necessary steps to carry the foregoing Resolution into effect, that the Common Seal be affixed to any necessary documents and that confirmation be given that Sharpe Pritchard (Parliamentary Agents) be authorised to sign the Petition of the Authority against the Bill.


Joint Waste Management Strategy Contract Update pdf icon PDF 190 KB


See report of the Director and Chief Technical Advisor (agenda item 12)


Barry Lister, Assistant Director and Jim Brennan, Director summarised the key points from the progress report. Officers were continuing to negotiate with SITA on how they will address the requirements of the planning preconditions at Victoria road.  Although shortlisted the Authority had not been successful in the Municipal Journal Innovation in Finance Awards. However Members congratulated officers on winning Partnership Awards for Best Waste/Energy/Water Project and Project Team of the Year.


Resolved -


That the progress report be noted.


Response to Consultation - London Assembly’s Environment Committee Investigation into food waste management pdf icon PDF 305 KB


See report of the Director and Chief Technical Advisor (agenda item 13).


Resolved -


That the draft response to the London Assembly’s Environment Committee Investigation into food waste management submitted by the Director following consultation with the borough officers be noted.


Urgent Decisions taken on behalf of the Authority pdf icon PDF 167 KB


See report of the Director, Clerk and Treasurer (agenda item 14).


A copy of the reports to which the urgency decisions refer would be sent to Members.


Resolved -


That the following urgent decisions taken by the Director in consultation with the Chair be noted:


1)       Approve the Annual Procurement Plan for 2014/15.


2)       Approve the Authority’s contract register for publication on the Authority’s website.


3)       Note the procurements listed in paragraph 6 of the March report that will be carried out by the Director under the Authority’s scheme of delegation.


4)       Note contracts set out in paragraph 7 of the March report and authorise the Director to commence the procurement/tendering and award subject to the procedures and requirements as contained within the Authority’s Tender and Contract Regulations.


5)       Authorise the Director to put in place suitable arrangements and/or use existing framework contracts for the various miscellaneous and ad hoc waste and recycling arrangements and activities of the types identified in paragraph 8 of the March report.


6)       Note the decisions taken by the Director in consultation with the Treasurer and Chief Technical Adviser in relation to wood and mattress recycling noted in Confidential Appendix to the March report


7)       Note the draft proposed submission version of the West London Waste Plan.


8)       Agree that the Authority should support the policies of the proposed WLWP subject to the minor issues identified in the March report.


9)       Instruct the Director to submit the Authority’s representation on the Proposed Submission Version of the West London Waste Plan (Appendix 1 of the March report).