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Apologies for Absence


Apologies were noted on behalf of Councillor Myra Savin, Janet McNamara and Jon Cotton.


The Chair introduced Emma White who had joined the Collection as a volunteer and had been asked to stay on to promote the Collection across social media.



Minutes of the meeting held on 5 April 2017 and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 199 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record, subject to the following amendments:


Minute 215: Sponsor a Book update (2nd paragraph):

Amend “… a lady had donated £1,000.” to read “…a lady had offered to donate…”


Matters Arising:


Minute 212: Relocation of the Layton Collection (5th paragraph):

David Stockdale confirmed that the display case referred to at the April meeting had not been found. He added that to purchase another dust free display case would cost around £5,000.  There followed some discussion on the possible uses for such a display case, such as siting it at the current Hounslow Library site to display photos and artifacts from the collection in order to signpost people to the collection in Feltham Library. It was also suggested that Jon Cotton at Museum of London might be able to source a second-hand case.


It was agreed to hold the 12 October meeting at Feltham Library so that members could view the new site.


It was also agreed to visit the Museum of London on 25 October from 10am with a view to see the current display of the collection’s artefacts and to discuss plans for the museum’s move to the new Smithfield site.


Whilst it was acknowledged that the collection was insured for water and fire damage by Harwell Disaster Management and Recovery, clarification was sought as to whether books and artefacts were insured for the move to the London Metropolitan Archive (LMA).   James Marshall agreed to check with colleagues in Carillion as to whether the collection was already insured and under what conditions.  Trustees acknowledged that the matter of how the collection was insured in future was of the utmost importance, particularly in light of the Council’s decision to bring the libraries service back in-house.


Final Accounts for year ending 31.12.16 and 2017 projection pdf icon PDF 155 KB

Additional documents:


Lorelei Watson presented the submitted documents.


Trustees discussed the option of providing books on request via an inter-library loan system, where an individual could request that a book from the collection was delivered to their local library.  Whist it was acknowledged that this proposal would not be viable until such time as the collection was housed together in Feltham Library, the Chair noted the importance of drafting a policy on the matter.



·       The Trust approved the final accounts for the year ended December 2016.

·       The Trust approved the reappointment of Wilkins Kennedy LLP Chartered Accountants to independently examine the accounts for 2017.

The Trust agreed to transfer a sum of approximately £5,000 to BlackRock Investments to be divided equally between Charinco and Charinshare, ensuring that a sum of approximately £10,000 is retained as liquid funds.  


Transferring the Collection to Feltham - Progress Report pdf icon PDF 189 KB

The submitted report relates to the publicity and marketing of the move to Feltham.  It is hoped that an oral update can also be provided at the meeting.


James Marshall updated members on progress to date.  He wished to record his gratitude to Feltham Arts for providing space at Feltham Library to decant and inspect the delivered crates. Feltham would be used to display the oversized books and approximately 25% of the ordinary and smaller sized books with the remaining 75% of ordinary and smaller books stored at the LMA.  James also thanked Anne Green (his wife) and Adam Grounds for their help moving the collection to Feltham.  He hoped that everything would be moved in the coming days and invited trustees to visit Feltham Library once the move was complete.


The Chair offered Emma White’s help as a volunteer for up to eight days during the move, asking trustees to agree further volunteering days where necessary. 


In discussion on the move from Hounslow to Feltham Library, the following points were raised:

·       There was no longer a search function on the libraries website, meaning that individuals could no longer search the catalogue to find any Layton books.  It was suggested that David Anderson or Sophie Johnson would be able to respond to this issue. 

·       Referring to whether the move would be publicised, David Stockdale suggested that Fiona Hart (Interim Head of Libraries) would be able to respond.

·       It was agreed that the Sponsor a Book leaflet should be redesigned in light of the move to Feltham Library.

There was a brief discussion on how best to publicise the new Feltham Library location.  David Stockdale suggested that, if the Layton Collection could be stored as a destination location on Google Maps, this would help publicise the collection both to those who were actively searching for it and also capture ‘passing trade’ from individuals who happened to be searching their maps in the Feltham area.


Update on Layton's Library Project - James Wisdom pdf icon PDF 195 KB

The attached papers relate to the social media element of the project.

Additional documents:


Emma White reported that month on month additional followers and retweets were registered for the collection.  Reciprocal agreements had also been secured with local museums and she was in contact with universities that taught Victorian Studies to ask them to come on board.


Emma asked trustees for any other suggested groups or organisations she could link the collection with.  Councillor Lambert suggested that some local councillors had active social media presence and could be approached to like the Layton Collection and to retweet comments to help with publicising it.


Lorelei Watson confirmed that the costs for the collection’s website had been paid by the Council but that these costs would be recharged to the trust. 


Sponsor a Layton Book - verbal update


Andrea Cameron reported that the wife of a former Hounslow Local History Society was helping to raise funds, which to date amounted to £305.  It was hoped that this could rise to around £350 by the end of the year. 


Andrea added that another Hounslow member had passed away and left their collection of books to the trust to raise funds. 


Update from the Museum of London - James Wisdom pdf icon PDF 107 KB

Additional documents:


The Chair referred to point 3 of the submitted report (Layton film at the MOL) asking trustees for their views on commissioning a further film, the cost for which had been estimated around £8,000.  The Chair added that this would be an opportunity to capture good quality footage of the artefacts for use as a permanent record. 


Emma White reported that the film already produced about the books in the collection had received 180 views on Vimeo, adding that this number would increase if it was linked to the Museum of London’s site to help publicise the collection.


Trustees were broadly supportive of the proposal, subject to more detailed costing and storyboarding of the film, particularly in light of the closure of the gallery at Museum of London.


Layton Objects at the British Museum - James Wisdom pdf icon PDF 113 KB


The submitted report was noted.  Emma White confirmed that she had already publicised the discovery of the additional gifts listed in the submitted report. 


Any other urgent business


The Chair wished to record the trust’s thanks for the enormous amount of work completed by Lorelei Watson and Romi Kahlon on the Heritage Lottery Fund.  He presented Lorelei with bouquets of flowers for them both as a token of the trust’s gratitude.