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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and Any Other Communications from Members


Apologies were noted from Cllr John Cooper, Councillor Sachin Gupta and Chris Pate, Laings.


Cllr Tom Bruce was nominated as Chair for this meeting.



Minutes of the Meeting held on 27th September 2011


The minutes of the meeting held on 27th September 2012 were agreed as an accurate record and signed by the Chair.


Matters Arising


Page 2, paragraph 6:  Trustees asked for an update on extra security measures.  Hamish Pringle said that Continental Landscapes was responsible for reporting on this matter but he was no aware of any further significant losses recently.  Hamish informed Trustees that from April 2012 John Laing’s would be directly responsible for maintenance and not Continental Landscapes.  There was no change in staff who had transferred from Continental.


Page 3, Item 8a:  Councillor Mammatt noted that she had not heard about any further problems with dogs.  The Dog Warden was managing this issue.


Page 3, Item 8c: The Trustees asked for any update on the retendering.  Hamish Pringle said that had not been tendered and that he would ask Andy Smith to let Trustees know the current status of the tendering process.


The issue of illegal fishing was discussed and Hamish Pringle will ask Andy Smith prepare a report to the Trustees regarding illegal fishing.


Page 3, Item 8e:  Trustees asked Hamish Pringle for an update.  Hamish Pringle said that now that the south side was open he would speak to the Chair about taking this forward.  Councillor Bruce asked if that would be to attend the Trust meeting or to set up another committee.  Hamish Pringle said that there were elements of this meeting that were not appropriate for Friends of Bedfont Lake.  He suggested setting up quarterly meetings with Friends of Bedfont Lakes, Laing’s, other support groups and a representative from the Trustees.



Budget for the year ended 31st March 2013


See budget report – Agenda item 3.  The Trustees were asked to approve the proposed budget for 2012/12 and agree to fund the deficit from Trust’s surplus in the bank account.


Robert Meldrum said that he wanted to cover two areas:


Costs were significantly lower on the main contract, which was £10,000 lower than budgeted. This was largely because of better than expected returns on the Trust’s investments and lower than expected costs on park maintenance.


        Set the budget for next year (ending 31st March 2013)

For the next year’s budget there would be a cautious approach according to contract requirements.  The budget would be increased from the surplus for 2011/12 to cover the deficit.  Robert said that the investment income was projected to be similar to last year and £6,500 would be held on deposit.


In response to questions Robert Meldrum and Hamish Pringle said that the:

        Proposed budget of £170,000 did not include the extra land recently purchased

        The management costs were lower as a result of an overpayment in 2011/12

        The income from fishing licences was the same as the old contract would continue until the tender process was completed.




The Trustees approved the proposed budget for 2012/13 and the funding of the deficit from the Trust’s surplus in the bank account.


Purchase of Land at Bedfont Lakes


See the report attached – agenda item 4


The report recommended the purchase of land at Bedfont Lakes currently leased by the Council.  The freehold was being sold by auction on 29th March 2012 by the current owners, Barclays Bank.


Hamish Pringle confirmed that Lee Dawson, Assistant Director of Corporate Property and Project Co-ordination and Councillor Theo Dennison, Lead Member for performance and customer Care, were successful at the auction in purchasing the sites marked A, B, C, D and E on the attached plan.  He said that the land was home to interesting wildlife and that there was little chance of development.


The Trustees noted report and congratulated Lee Dawson and Councillor Dennison on their success.



Any Other Business


There was no other business



Date of the Next Meeting

5th September 2012 at 7.00pm


The date of the next meeting would be 5th September 2012