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Apologies for Absence, Other Announcements and Declarations of Interest from Members


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Katharine Dunne, Tina Howe, David Hughes and Hina Mir.


An apology for lateness was received from Councillor Tony Louki.


Councillors John Chatt, Richard Foote, Sachin Gupta, Mukesh Malhotra and Khulique Malik all declared interests in relation to agenda item 10, the motion on the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport.




To receive announcements (if any) from the Mayor, Leader, Members of the Cabinet or the Head of Paid Service (Chief Executive)


Minutes pdf icon PDF 299 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 18th October 2016




That the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 18th October 2016, having been confirmed as a correct record, be signed by the Mayor subject to the replacement of the word “recollection” (top of page 9 of the minutes) by the word “recognition”.






Petitions pdf icon PDF 169 KB

To receive any petitions presented by Members 




  • That the petitions that had been forwarded to other formal bodies of the Authority for consideration be noted; and
  • That the response from Councillor Amrit Mann to the Devonshire Road petition be also noted.



ACTION BY: Executive Director, REDE



Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 201 KB

Report by Councillor Theo Dennison, Cabinet Member for Finance and Citizen Engagement


Please note that there is an appendix to this report listed later on the agenda which is exempt from publication.




That the Treasury Management Mid Year Report for 2016/17 be approved.



ACTION BY: Director of Finance and Corporate Services


Changes to the Constitution - Urgency Procedures pdf icon PDF 148 KB

Report by Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of the Council (and Chair of the Members Constitution Working Party)

Additional documents:




1.    That the document attached to the report be agreed as the summary of the urgency procedures contained in the Constitution; and

2.    That the Head of Governance be authorised to arrange for the constitution to be updated to reflect this change.



ACTION BY: Head of Governance


Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies

Members are asked to make any appointments that are nominated at the meeting for the remainder of the municipal year and delegate authority to the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, to make any adjustments necessary to ensure political proportionality.




That the following members be appointed to the formal council bodies identified below:

·         Overview and Scrutiny Committee

o   Councillor Linda Green

o   Councillor Surinder Purewal

·         Housing and Environment Scrutiny Panel

o   Councillor Guy Lambert

·         Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel

o   Councillor Lily Bath

·         Health and Adults Social Care Scrutiny Panel

o   Councillor Myra Savin

·         Licensing Committee

o   Councillor Harleen Atwal Hear



ACTION BY: Head of Democratic Services


Decisions Taken Under Urgency Arrangements (if any)

The Council is asked to note the following uses of the urgency arrangements:

Council and Cabinet Decisions Taken Under Urgency Arrangements:

·         Temporary closure and access restrictions at Space Waye civic amenity site (Single Member Decision: 10th August 2016)

Forward Plan Urgency Notices:

·         Temporary closure and access restrictions at Space Waye civic amenity site (General Exception Notice: 9th August 2016)


(Due to an administrative error, these were not reported to the last meeting of the Council)





Councillor John Todd to ask Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of the Council

“Members continue remain 100% uninformed as to the viability, profit or loss situation, current use of London Borough of Hounslow funds and future financial requirements of Lampton360. Its linked entity Lampton LLP is equally unexplained as is its fiscal use in the property related project.  Emails I have sent seeking information have been ignored.


Will the Cabinet review the current materially inadequate reporting process and remove the opaqueness currently in operation?”



Proposed by Councillor Steve Curran and Seconded by Councillor Amrit Mann

“This Council notes the decision of the Conservative Government on Tuesday 25 October to approve the expansion of Heathrow Airport and the building of a third runway.


We recognise that this decision will have huge implications for our borough and that, while many residents and businesses are directly involved in Heathrow and its supply chain, potential adverse consequences must be addressed.


This Council reaffirms its continuing commitment to a better and not bigger Heathrow and resolves to redouble its efforts to ensure that residents are protected from any adverse consequences of the Government’s decision.

Council further resolves to:

1.    Bring forward new measures to reduce the impact of congestion, pollution and noise locally.

2.    Seek compensation and appropriate mitigation from Heathrow Airport Ltd for all residents who will be adversely affected by the implementation of the Government’s decision.

3.    Ensure that the voice of Hounslow’s residents and businesses is heard in the forthcoming national policy statement consultation.

4.    Work with Heathrow Airport Ltd to achieve the best possible outcome for our borough.”



Motion Agreed


Proposed by Councillor Kamaljit Kaur and Seconded by Councillor Steve Curran

“This Council notes the statement by the five west London borough councils including Hounslow of the serious concerns raised by the boroughs of Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham with regard to the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).  


We fully respect their decision not to be signatories to the STP for North West London and we also fully respect their position of wanting to protect the A&E (Accident and Emergency) and acute services at both Ealing and Charing Cross hospitals.


This Council reaffirms our support for acute services including A&E to remain at both Ealing Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital.”



Motion Agreed



Proposed by Councillor Mel Collins and Seconded by Councillor Kamaljit Kaur

This Council recognises that pharmacies are a vital part of the primary health care service and an integral part of the fabric of our local communities.  They offer a range of services such as dispensing prescriptions, disposal of unwanted medicines and supporting self-care and play an important role in promoting healthy eating, smoking cessation, exercise, flu vaccination, sexual health and more


This Council therefore expresses its concern about the Government’s £170m cut in the budget for pharmacies which could lead to the closure of up to a quarter of all UK pharmacies.


This Council believes:


1.    That these cuts will put residents at risk and increase the pressure on GPs and hospital services at a time when they are already under severe strain.

2.    That a properly funded community pharmacy service is cost effective and in the best interest of patients and carers.


This Council therefore resolves to write to the Secretary of State for Health, NHS England and the local Clinical Commissioning Group detailing our concerns and requesting an immediate reconsideration of these ill-judged proposals.”



Motion Agreed



Any Other Matters That the Mayor Considers Urgent




Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for Tuesday 31st January 2017 and will commence at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber 




Exclusion of Press and Public

To resolve that the public and press be asked to leave the meeting during discussion of the remaining items of business because exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part I of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 is likely to be made known.


Please note that members of the public and press must leave the meeting at this point


Appendix to Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 2016/17

This items comprises the appendix to the report entitled, Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 2016/17 which is elsewhere on the agenda.  This document contains information which is exempt from publication.




Any Other Items Which The Mayor Considers Urgent And Are Exempt From Publication