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Apologies for Absence, Other Announcements and Declarations of Interest from Members


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Harleen Atwal Hear, Tom Bruce, Samia Chaudhary, Elizabeth Hughes, Kamaljit Kaur, Hanif Khan, Nisar Malik, Sheila O’Reilly, Robert Oulds, Myra Savin and Daanish Saeed.



To receive announcements (if any) from the Mayor, Leader, Members of the Cabinet or the Head of Paid Service (Chief Executive)


Minutes pdf icon PDF 394 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19th July 2016




That the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 19th July be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



Petitions pdf icon PDF 173 KB

Report by the Head of Democratic Services 




  • That the petitions that had been referred to other formal bodies of the Authority for consideration be noted; and
  • That the response from Members to the petition referred to the Council also be noted.


ACTION BY: Head of Democratic Services




Proposed Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for Land South of Brentford High Street (REG419) pdf icon PDF 516 KB

Report by Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Strategy, Planning and Regeneration

Additional documents:




To agree that the Borough Council:


a.                 Notes the previous report to Cabinet on 15th December 2015 and the in-principle decision that was made to use Compulsory Purchase powers to complete the land assembly for the proposed mixed-use scheme for redevelopment of the Order Land (as defined in b below) subject to the Council entering into a Compulsory Purchase Indemnity Agreement to cover its associated costs through the compulsory purchase process by the developer, Geronimo Limited ("GL"). The report also agreed to authorise the use of Local Government Act powers to assist with the compulsory purchase process.


b.            Notes and approves the draft London Borough of Hounslow (Land South of Brentford High Street) Compulsory Purchase Order 2016 as attached at Appendix 1 ("the Order"), the map comprising the land to the south of Brentford High Street that is proposed to be compulsorily acquired ("Order Land"), as may be subject to amendment pursuant to paragraph e. below) as attached at Appendix 3 and referred to in the draft Order ("the Order Map"), and the draft Statement of Reasons made in support of that Order and attached at Appendix 4 ("the Statement of Reasons"). The Order is required for planning purposes to complete the land assembly in relation to the Order Land in order to enable GL to deliver a comprehensive mixed-use scheme which would regenerate a significant area of land to the south of Brentford High Street.

c.            Notes that on 10 June 2016 the Council entered into:

(i)            an Option Agreement under which the Council conditionally agreed to sell its land at County Parade Brentford to GL; and

(ii)          a Block D Agreement under which the Council conditionally agreed to acquire Block D (the site of the affordable housing to be comprised in the GL development scheme) at County Parade Brentford from GL;

in both cases conditional on satisfaction of planning and other conditions precedent ("the Land Agreements").

d.            Subject to the completion of an indemnity agreement and the Director Regeneration Economic Development and Environment being satisfied (as agreed in consultation with the Leader) as to the likely or proposed contractual or other arrangements between GL and its funder (to ensure the deliverability of the Scheme), authorises the making of the London Borough of Hounslow (Land South of Brentford High Street) Compulsory Purchase Order 2016 under section 226(1)(a) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (‘The 1990 Act’) and section 13 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.

e.            Authorises the Head of Governance to make changes to the draft Order, the Map (within the red line boundary as shown on the Map) and Statements of Reasons as considered necessary and agreed with the Leader.

f.             Authorises the use of powers in the 1990 Act to secure the removal of any apparatus of statutory undertakers or communication code operators from the Order Land identified in the Order Schedule at Appendix 2 and the Order Map at Appendix  ...  view the full decision text for item 5.


Revised Appendices - Proposed Compulsory Purchase Order for Land South of Brentford High Street. Brentford Waterside (REG361) pdf icon PDF 912 KB

Report to Members published on 5 September 2016 ("the Report")


This supplementary agenda comprises attached, updated versions of the following Appendices to the Report:


1.    Appendix 2 to the Report, consisting of the Order Schedule identifying those persons or entities who have interests in the Order Land (this has been broken into two parts due to its size; and


2.    Appendix 3 to the Report, consisting of the Order Map identifying the interests in the Order Land, mentioned in 1 above.


In each case, all the changes from the original documents have been highlighted in blue text in order to make them easier to identify.


There has also been added at the end of the Order Schedule referred to in 1 above, a draft Table of Rights, giving a fuller description of the different types of legal right in the Order Land, which it is currently anticipated to be necessary for the Council to acquire pursuant to the Order.


The land referencing process required for the purpose of making the Order, is an ongoing process, and the attached updated documents have therefore been provided so that Members have, prior to considering the recommendations in the Report on 13 September 2016, the latest information deriving from that land referencing process.


Additional documents:




That the revised appendices be noted.


Appointment of Monitoring Officer (CEX130) pdf icon PDF 131 KB

Report by Councillor Ed Mayne, Cabinet Member for Corporate Performance and Customer Care




That the appointment of Peter Large as Monitoring Officer to the Council on a permanent basis with immediate effect be approved.


ACTION BY: Director of Transformation




Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies

Members are asked to make any appointments that are nominated at the meeting for the remainder of the municipal year and delegate authority to the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, to make any adjustments necessary to ensure political proportionality.


There were none.


Decisions Taken Under Urgency Arrangements (if any)

The Council is asked to note the following uses of the urgency arrangements:

Council and Cabinet Decisions Taken Under Urgency Arrangements:

·         none

Forward Plan Urgency Notices:

·         none




That the appointment of Peter Large as Monitoring Officer to the Council on a permanent basis with immediate effect be approved.


ACTION BY: Director of Transformation




Councillor John Todd to ask Councillor Amrit Mann, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment

“London Borough of Hounslow Green Belt and or Metropolitan Open Land at risk? A recent REDE (Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment) Department report described the London Borough of Hounslow as wanting to be an ‘assertive developer’ – undefined but most concerning nevertheless.


The (Lampton) Property 360 Business Plan (see 1 below) in a paragraph headed Development Programme discusses the need to find housing sites and goes on to mention the ‘release of green belt or Metropolitan Open Land’ as part of the solution.


Would the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment please explain how such land would be released?


(1) See Supplementary Cabinet Report dated 19/7/16 paragraph 4.4 page 6.”



Proposed by Councillor John Todd and Seconded by Councillor Gerald McGregor

“This Council expresses its concern over the delays and increasing and as yet unquantified costs of introducing a new waste and recycling service in the Borough since the decision to bring the service back in-house. 


This Council censures the Lead Member, Councillor Amrit Mann, and his secretive one-party 'Member Strategy on Waste' group for pursuing a strategy motivated solely by political ideology and which fails to provide or evidence best value for local residents and ignores the recommendations of engaged professional advisers.”



The motion was not agreed.


Proposed by Councillor Mel Collins and Seconded by Councillor Katherine Dunne


“This council notes with deep concern the sharp rise in homelessness across London and the country as a whole.


This council has sought to reduce homelessness in the area by overcommitting scarce council funding in securing temporary accommodation for those in severe housing need, and will continue to explore all avenues to cater for the future escalation of homelessness here in Hounslow.


We therefore commit to working with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to provide genuinely affordable housing across London, and we call on the government to revisit its housing policy in particular Right to Buy and would urge a moratorium to help prevent a further escalation in homelessness.”



The motion was agreed.


Any Other Matters That the Mayor Considers Urgent


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for Tuesday 18th October 2016 and will commence at 7.30 pm in the Council Chamber