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Apologies for Absence, Other Announcements and Declarations of Interest from Members




To receive announcements (if any) from the Mayor, Leader, Members of the Cabinet or the Head of Paid Service (Chief Executive)


Minutes pdf icon PDF 346 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 31st October 2017


Petitions pdf icon PDF 174 KB

Report by the Head of Democratic Services 


Implementation of the Community Safety Strategy 2017-2020 (CEX209) pdf icon PDF 180 KB

Report by Councillor Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Community Protection and Enforcement.


Please note that due to their size, appendices B and C of this report will be published electronically only.  A Members’ Inspection Copy of the appendices is also available in the Members Services Office.

Additional documents:


Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 2017/18 (CEX192) pdf icon PDF 206 KB

Report by Councillor Theo Dennison, Cabinet Member for Finance and Citizen Engagement


Please note that there is an appendix to this report listed later in the agenda which is exempt from publication.


Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies

Members are asked to make any appointments that are nominated at the meeting for the remainder of the municipal year and delegate authority to the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Mayor, to make any adjustments necessary to ensure political proportionality


Decisions Taken Under Urgency Arrangements (if any)

The Council is asked to note the following uses of the urgency arrangements:

Council and Cabinet Decisions Taken Under Urgency Arrangements:

·         None

Forward Plan Urgency Notices:

·         None

Questions from Members


Councillor Sam Hearn to ask Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of the Council

“Will Councillor Curran clarify how he can, in the absence of any procurement or best value process, demonstrate that Lampton 360 Ltd can provide value for money, detailed costing  and meet the numerous outcomes  required given the remaining leisure budget provision?”



Councillor Gerald McGregor to ask Councillor Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Housing

“Has the Cabinet Member considered establishing a cross party standing committee on the future of residential tower blocks, in light of the high density residential developments envisaged in the West of Borough and Great West Corridor consultations?”



Councillor Harleen Atwal Hear to ask Councillor Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Community Protection and Enforcement

“Given the recent anti-knife crime campaign launched by the Mayor of London earlier this month, please can the Cabinet Member clarify what measures the Council and the police are taking to combat knife crime in the Borough?”


Councillor Gurpal Virdi to ask Councillor Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Housing

“Please can the Cabinet Member provide an update on the fire improvement works at Clements Court tower in Cranford?”



Councillor John Todd to ask Councillor Amrit Mann, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment

“We note from the Cabinet Revenue Monitoring Report (CEX199) that the Regeneration Economic Development and Environment Department is projecting an overall overspend of £7.6m at the end of period six.

This worrying report amongst other things, highlights ongoing undelivered savings, as yet uncapped costs associated with the waste depot and related contract and that 'consultants spend continues to exceed budget'.


Can the Cabinet Member kindly explain why this overspending blatantly continues without effective remedial  action and the departments management structure being urgently reviewed?”




Proposed by Councillor Richard Foote and Seconded by Councillor Katherine Dunne

“The Council notes that in 2009 the then Government conducted a consultation process about the high concentrations of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s). The consultation process resulted in the announcement of an intention to legislate to allow tighter planning controls over HMO’s by amending the Town and Country Planning (use Classes) Order 1987. This resulted in the revised order dated 6th April 2010 which introduced these tighter controls.


The order was further revised following the 2010 General Election and came into force in October 2010 where the need for planning permission was abolished for small family houses converting to HMOs.


The Council urges the Government to revert to The Town and Country Planning (use classes) (amendment) (England) Order 2010 to bring back control of the ability for family houses to be changed to HMO’s under the local planning arrangements. In making this change we also urge the addition of minimum room sizes be added to the order.”



Proposed by Councillor Candice Atterton and Seconded by Councillor Ed Mayne

“This Council notes that for most workers in local government and schools, pay and other terms and conditions are determined by the Nation Joint Council (NJC) for local government services. On average, across the country, NJC basic pay has fallen by 21% in real terms since 2010 and NJC pay is the lowest in the public sector. This council therefore supports the NJC pay claim for 2018, submitted by Unite, UNISON and the GMB on behalf of council and school workers and calls for the immediate end of public sector pay restraint. This council also welcomes the joint review of the NJC pay spine to remedy the turbulence caused by bottom-loaded pay settlements.


This Council resolves to write to the Local Government Association asking it to make urgent representations to Government to fund the NJC claim and the pay spine review, and write to local NJC union representatives to convey support for the pay claim and the pay spine review.”



Proposed by Councillor Daanish Saaed and Seconded by Councillor Candice Atterton

“This Council notes the recent horrendous acts of sexual harassment and bullying that has been perpetrated by prominent figures in positions of power, and wishes to condemn this behaviour.


This Council resolves to have a zero tolerance to all forms of bullying and intimidation, and will give training to frontline staff at the London Borough of Hounslow; work with colleagues, partners and residents to ensure this type of behaviour is never tolerated; and offer consent workshops and active bystander workshops to any member of staff who wishes to participate in them.”



Any Other Matters That the Mayor Considers Urgent


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for 30th January 2018 and commence at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber 


Exclusion of Press and Public

To resolve that the public and press be asked to leave the meeting during discussion of the remaining items of business because exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part I of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 is likely to be made known.


Please note that members of the public and press must leave the meeting at this point


Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 2017/18 (CES192) Appendix

This items comprises the appendix to the report entitled, Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 2017/18 which is elsewhere on the agenda.  This document contains information which is exempt from publication


Any Other Items Which The Mayor Considers Urgent And Are Exempt From Publication

Recording and reporting on public meetings

Please note that members of public can choose to record, or report in other ways, on this public meeting.  If you wish to do so then please read the Council’s protocol which can be found on the Council’s website.  Copies of the protocol are also available at the meeting.


The Council asks that you avoid recording members of the audience who are not participants at the meeting.  The Council will seek to facilitate this. However, anyone attending a public meeting does so in the knowledge that recording may take place and that they may be part of that record.