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Welcome and Apologies for Absence


The Chair welcomed SACRE members to the meeting and apologies were noted for Councillor Peter Thompson, Revd Andrew Downes, Mehmoona Yousaf and Susan Roberts.


Minutes of the meeting held on and matters arising on 12 November 2013 pdf icon PDF 67 KB


Minutes for the meeting on 12 November 2013 were approved subject to the following amendments:


·        Remove ‘Councillor’ title from the Chair’s name.


·        Note apologies for Basil Mann




Budget Update


The Chair confirmed that £1,765.14 was remaining from the SACRE Budget for this year. The Chair stated that there were still some outstanding costs that needed to be paid and confirmed that the funding would be sufficient to cover these costs. The remaining funding would be used towards RE Coordinator training.


The Chair also informed the members that a proposed budget for 2014-15 had been agreed by the SACRE Executive of £7000. The Chair asked all members if they agreed with the proposed budget.



SACRE members agreed with the proposed budget for 2014-15.



i.                    Produce a breakdown of the proposed budget for 2014-15 and send to the Chair and Lesley Prior to review (Secretary)

ii.                  Send the agreed proposed budget to David Brockie and Lee Souter for approval (Secretary)





Membership Update


Faouzi Saffar joined Group A Faith Groups as a Muslim representative.


Mark Hayball, Buddhist representative, from Group A Faith Groups had resigned.


There were currently three vacancies in Group A; one in each of the following Faith Groups:


·        Muslim

·        Hindu

·        Buddhist


There were also a few vacancies in the Group C Teachers group which were the following:


·        Special school headteacher

·        Special school teacher

·        Primary school headteacher


The Chair and Lesley Prior were concerned about the current vacancies in the two groups. Lesley Prior stated that she mentioned the teacher group vacancies at the last RE Coordinator training session. It was agreed that the Secretary and Lesley Prior will work together to fill the vacancies.



Meet with Secretary to discuss the vacancies which need to be filled and to provide guidance on how the vacancies can be filled (Lesley Prior) 


Collective Worship Guidelines Revisited


Lesley Prior introduced the Collective Worship Guidelines which were produced some years ago. At the time the guidelines were distributed to all of the schools in Hounslow to provide the legal position on collective worship in schools which Lesley Prior confirmed as still the same. Lesley Prior stated that she would like the guidance to remain as a useful resource and become more accessible as currently the guidance was only available as a hardcopy. The guidance needs to be transformed into an electronic version so that it could be disseminated electronically. As well as this, some of the information in the guideline needs to be updated as it was out of date or needed to be adapted to make the guidelines more relevant to the present day. Once the guidance is transformed into an electronic version Lesley Prior suggested uploading the guidance on to the Knowledge Hub (formerly known as Hounslow Virtual Education Centre (HVEC)) which was an online resource centre to disseminate educational information in Hounslow.


Comments and questions:

·        Rachel Lawrence suggested adding the Collective Worship Guidelines on to school websites however stated that there may be issues around copyright. Rachel Lawrence also suggested having a section on the Knowledge Hub where schools could upload good practise and models for other schools could use

·        The guidance was mainly based around Christianity which needs to be reviewed

·        There was a need to determine if the SACRE section on the Knowledge Hub should be password protected

·        Lesley Prior was concerned about schools uploading mediocre standard of materials online and bypassing SACRE which some schools had done on the old HVEC system

·        The Chair also agreed with using the Knowledge Hub to share SACRE information



SACRE members agreed to upload the Collective Workship Guidelines on to the Knowledge Hub.



i.                    Arrange for the valid sections of the guidance to be scanned and uploaded electronically (Secretary)

ii.                  Send electronic sections of the guidance to SACRE members to review (Secretary)






Lesley Prior stated that two Freedom Of Information requests (FOI) had been received over the past six months. The recent FOI was received from the Mail on Sunday newspaper which requested the number of schools in Hounslow who had been granted determinations and documentation related to each determination. Another request was around the number of schools holding assemblies based on secularism and Islam. It was agreed that there wasn’t a requirement to fulfil the latter and therefore no information was provided on this. An up to date list of determinations and a link to the section within the London Borough of Hounslow website which holds all of Hounslow SACRE agendas, minutes and determination documentations was submitted.


In terms of the renewal of determinations; 15 schools in November 2014 will require a renewal should they request one. It was agreed with SACRE Executive members to run a free session for schools to attend to learn about how to apply for a determination. The session will be led by Lesley Prior in the summer term. The date and venue of the session will be confirmed soon. The Chair sought consent from the SACRE members on the proposed session on determinations. All SACRE members agreed that it would be a good idea to hold it.



SACRE members agreed with holding a session on determinations for schools and anyone else who may benefit including Academy Schools.



i.                    Set a date for the determination session and book the venue (Lesley Prior)

ii.                  To ensure Determinations was the main agenda item at the autumn term meeting (Secretary)




Lesley Prior stated that she recently met with Lee Souter and his colleague Martin Hinckley from the London Borough of Hounslow to discuss the Knowledge Hub. As discussed previously it was agreed that the Knowledge Hub would hold a section for SACRE. Lesley Prior requested members to think about the content that should be available on the Knowledge Hub and about how information will be uploaded. Lesley Prior suggested the following content for SACRE:


·        Collective Worship Guidelines

·        Application forms for determinations

·        RE Coordinator materials

·        SACRE meeting documentation

·        Event information such as the annual SACRE lecture

·        Lecture transcipts

·        Links to Hounslow Friends of Faith

·        RE Ofsted reports and other reviews of RE

·        Other links to useful websites


Lesley Prior requested members to contact the Secretary if they had any suggestions on the content. The content would then be discussed and agreed at the next SACRE Executive meeting on 21 May 2014. It was agreed that the SACRE section on the hub should be password protected.



Speak with Lee Souter about setting up a generic password for SACRE members to access the Knowledge Hub (Lesley Prior)


2014 Annual SACRE Lecture


It was agreed to hold the annual SACRE lecture in September 2014. The Chair listed potential speakers including Rose Hudon-Wilkin, Linda Woodhead, Mark Hayball, Stephen Llyod MP and Professor Craig Calhoun, Director of the London School of Economics. The Chair also proposed an alternative venue for the annual lecture for example the multi-faith centre at the London School of Economics. Stephen Llyod MP was selected as a potential speaker.



The SACRE members agreed to invite Steven Lloyd MP to deliver the annual SACRE lecture for 2014.



i.                    Invite Steven Lloyd to deliver the annual SACRE lecture (Lesley Prior)

ii.                  Explore the possibility of holding the lecture in the multi-faith centre at the London School of Economics (Lesley Prior)

iii.                Invite members from other SACREs and local MPs to the lecture  (Lesley Prior)



Westhill/NASACRE Awards Scheme 2014/15


Lesley Prior spoke about the Westhill/NASACRE Award scheme which was currently accepting project proposals. The Westhill Foundation Trustees had allocated a sum of money for further awards to SACREs of up to £4,000 per SACRE for comparable projects during the academic year 2014/15. Information on the brief and application forms had been sent out via an electronic link. The names of the successful SACREs would be announced at the next NASACRE Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Lesley Prior also reported that the NASCRE AGM would take place on 22 May 2014.  Members were invited to volunteer or nominate a member to represent Hounslow SACRE. 



i.                    Send out link to the Westhill/NASACRE Award scheme to SACRE members (Secretary)

ii.                  Members to volunteer or nominate a member to represent Hounslow SACRE at the NASCRE AGM



Holocaust Memorial Event 29 January 2014


Steve Line provided a summary on the Holocaust Memorial Day which took place on Wednesday 29 January which he said was very powerful and inspiring. The guest speaker who was a Holocaust survivor, Eva Schloss, spoke about her experience, loss of family and how she was related to Ann Frank. Eva Schloss began her story by saying that for many years she could not speak about her experience until she was invited to speak at a meeting by Ken Livingstone and since then she has been exposing her story and the realities of the Holocaust throughout the world.


On behalf of Hounslow SACRE, the Chair thanked Basil Mann for organising the event. Basil Mann also thanked Julie Davies, PA to the Mayor, for supporting him with the organisation. Basil Mann was also pleased to announce that after the event two schools in Hounslow have decided to invite Eva Schloss to visit their schools.


The Chair was also very pleased with the outcome of the event and said that the content of the programme event was perfectly suited to the primary school children who were present in the audience.


Date of Next Meeting: 18 June 2014