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Apologies for Absence,declarations of interest and other communications from Members


-          There were no apologies for absence received.

-          There were no declarations of interest in any item on the agenda.

-          There were no other communications.


Minutes of the meeting held on 28 February 2013 and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 111 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 28th February 2013 were agreed as an accurate record


Matters arising:


Page 4: Anti-Tribalism Movement - Item deferred from the last meeting to allow the Chair and Councillor Jabbal and Councillor Harmer to visit the organisation.  Following a visit to the organisation and feedback from the Chair, it was recommended that the funding is approved.


Page 6: Urban Youth Network – Consideration of this application was deferred to this meeting pending more information from officers within Children’s Services on the value of this project.  Feedback was supportive of this initiative and felt it would deliver on key issues identified.  It was recommended that funding is approved.


Page 8: Caribbean and African Association in Hounslow – The Panel approved 50% of the grant be paid and the remainder deferred to this meeting pending further information through monitoring.   The report showed there were still some outstanding queries in terms of level of delivery and access to the project.  An allocation of a further £2,500 was recommended.


There were no other matters arising.


Hounslow Community Grant pdf icon PDF 155 KB

Additional documents:


See the report by Aine Hayes, Third Sector Partnerships Manager, at Agenda item 3 (Page 14)


Aine Hayes referred members to the Chair’s recommendations on page 16 of the report and made the following points:


-     31 applications were received requesting more money than available to allocate.

-     Funding provided for the specific projects applied for only.

-     Officers assessed the applications received and the Chairs decision was based on information provided by the Officer.

-     The recommendations on page 16 included applications deferred from the last round.


And provided the following response to questions raised:


Two organisations had been allocated less money:

1.      Bounce Theatre had been funded over the last couple of years but the current funding was not for the youth theatre but a specific youth project.  While the event was not taking place until 2014, 50% had been allocated to allow them to raise the remainder for the event.  The organisation hoped that the project would be in a position to be self sustainable following this grant.

2.      ILIAS’ funding reduced by consolidating workshops.  Having looked at the dip in numbers, funding decreased in terms of the number of workshops without being detrimental to the delivery of the project.  Reduced funding would not be proposed if it affected the outcome of benefits delivered by the project.




1.      That the Community Investment Advisory Panel (CIAP) considered the applications for Hounslow Community Grant 2013/14 Round 2 and the assessment undertaken by Officers.

2.      That CIAP recommended that the Lead Member, having taken into account the views of CIAP, approved the allocation of funding as set out in paragraph 3.6 and Appendix B of the report as follows:

2.1        Agreed in accordance with the Chair’s recommendation:


           Action Acton


           Alzheimers Society


           Bounce Theatre


           Centre for Armenian Information and Advice


           Hounslow African and Asian Youth Association (HAAYA)


           Hounslow Friends of Faith


           Hounslow Multi-Cultural Centre




           Outside Chance


           The Mulberry Centre


           The Phoenix Support and Information Project


           TW4 Community Development Trust


           Anti-Tribalism Movement


           Caribbean and African Association in Hounslow


           Urban Youth Network





The Chair approved the funding allocations at 3.6 and 3.7 of the report.



VCS Grant Monitoring pdf icon PDF 135 KB

Additional documents:


See the report of Aine Hayes, Third Sector Partnership Manager,  Community Partnership Unit – Agenda item 4


Aine Hayes presented the report for the panel to note and provided comments and replied to questions raised as follows:


           The Monitoring Report provided a rolling picture that would change at every meeting.


           The RAG ratings referred to the status of projects allocated funding in round 1 on pages 68-69.  A number of organisations were flagged as amber as there was insufficient information on the outcomes achieved.  This reflected the fact that these organisations did not have the expertise or experience on reporting outcomes and Community Services will support these organisations to improve monitoring. 


           Explanatory notes on the side reflected the assistance required by funded groups.

           Some savings were made through the under spend from Friends of Faith as contributions to events were made by third parties.


           The organisation Bereavement Services for Hounslow closed early and payment of the 2nd tranche was saved.


           Some organisations were flagged red of which 3 organisations had not signed agreements.  Officers will be meeting with the groups to agree project specifications and monitoring.


           Aine explained the services provided by Integrated Neurological Services (INS).  This service followed a pilot project which ran well and application for funding was made on that basis.   Take up of the service was lower than expected and INS provided details on how this could be rectified (Aine tabled a letter from the organisation). 


           Aine will discuss with INS their proposals for increasing referrals from within the borough.


           Hillingdon Law Centre received funding to provide legal service for Borough residents.  Funding allocated last year provided £32,000 for 100 cases up to October 2013.  100 cases were already seen by the end of August and a further £18,000 was agreed by the Chair to fund a further 60 cases.


           Feltham Arts Association requested further funding of £3056 to extend the post of Outreach Worker to 15 months from 12 months.  The Chair agreed the extra funding.


           Some projects with no information are awaiting updates and/or final reports.




To note the report



Third Sector Survey pdf icon PDF 130 KB

Additional documents:


See the report and presentation by Stephen Frost at Agenda Item 5 for Members’ information.


           Aine highlighted aspects of the survey carried out by Stephen to map a picture of the Community and Voluntary sector services provided across the Borough, how services were contracted and where support was needed.  Section 4 (p77-78) set out key issues in the report that have been built into the CPU work plan for 2013.  Two funding streams were set up following the survey:

           Stabilisation Fund for groups facing the closure of a service or the organisation as a whole


           A Training Bursary to ensure voluntary groups are properly accredited for the services they provide.


To ensure timely decisions were made to support groups in crisis with funding from the Stabilisation Fund, Aine asked Members approval for Officers to email a report to the Chair for approval and to be circulated to Members for comments.




1.      Submit report recommending crisis support to the Chair for approval.

2.       Circulate report by e-mail to members for comments.  


Community Resource Centre pdf icon PDF 216 KB


See the report by Bob Seera, Head of Property development and Uttam Gujral, Head of Community Partnerships – Agenda Item 6 (page 100)


The report was presented for Members to note:


The report and recommendations submitted to Cabinet on 9th July 2013 detailing the project to create a Voluntary Sector Resource Centre providing 100 spaces on the 2nd floor of the Treaty Centre were approved.


The following points from the report were highlighted for Members information:


           The Resource Centre would provide a high quality office space with 100 desks for voluntary organisations and shared common resources such as meeting and interview rooms.

           Approximately 24 of the 100 desks will be allocated to 4 services currently based in the Treaty Centre.

           Based on the Feasibility Study the centre is expected to break even after three years and provide surplus income over 10 years.

           The project team included the Head of Property Development (and team), Adult and Community Education, Leisure, Community Partnerships Unit and John Laing Integrated Services (JLIS).  Detailed design and costing for the Building Services works had been established.

           The design will include a number of energy efficiencies to reduce the service charge costs.

           The project will start on 21st October 2013 and completed by February 2014.


Councillor Harmer proposed that the last meeting of CIAP on 21st February 2014 is held at the new Resource Centre.




1.      To note the report.

2.      To hold the last CIAP meeting on 21st February 2014 at the new Resource Hub in the Treaty Centre.



CPU news and updates


The Head of Community Partnerships circulated a news update from the Community Partnerships Unit.


The update was for the benefit of new members of the Panel outling work carried out by Community Partnerships Unit to support the provision of effective community services by the Council and the voluntary sector.


Urgent Business

Any other business, which the Chair agrees to consider on the grounds of urgency.  


There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting - 20 November 2013


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 20th November 2013.


The starting time for the meeting will be reviewed and panel members advised of any changes.