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6:30 Welcome and Apologies


If DCF members request another welfare reform changes workshop and if demand justifies it, the Council will organise an additional workshop to the one being run on October 22nd 2015.


Garth James has provided statistics on the number of injuries and deaths on the road, these can be posted out with the next Agenda for those who register their interest in receiving them.



Residents were welcomed to the meeting and Cllr Kaur’s apologies were given.  In Cllr Kaur’s absence Cllr Melvin Collins agreed to chair the meeting.


Cllr Collins lead a moving tribute to Daphne Rathbone, whose passing has saddened members of the DCF.  Cllr Collins commended Daphne Rathbone for her long service in the field of disability and vulnerability.  Daphne Rathbone had been a pillar of the DCF since she helped establish it together with Cllr Collins and George Tombs.  Daphne had also been instrumental in the establishment of the 2000 Club.  Cllr Collins expressed his personal sense of loss and sadness at Daphne Rathbone’s passing and hoped that the work of the 2000 Club would continue with the support of the Executive Committee.


A minute’s silence was led by Cllr Collins.


6:35 - 6:45 Minutes of the meeting of 23 July 2015 pdf icon PDF 78 KB


The minutes of 23 July 2015 were agreed to be an accurate record. 


Matters arising:


If DCF members request another welfare reform changes workshop and if demand justifies it, the Council will organise an additional workshop to the one being run on October 22nd 2015.


Garth James has provided statistics on the number of injuries and deaths on the road, these can be posted out with the next Agenda for those who register their interest in receiving them.



6:50 - 7:05 Leisure and Culture Strategy Consultation

Imran Choudhury – Director of Public Health and Fiona Hart


Cllr Collins welcomed Dr Imran Choudhury. 


Dr Choudhury encouraged members to take part in the current consultation on the council’s Leisure and Cultural Strategy.  The consultation will help determine where savings can be made and what services need to be stopped or started and what services need redesigning.  As part of the overall Council savings programme, the budget for leisure and culture services needs to be reduced by at least £2.3million, and potentially considerably more, over the next four years. The consultation will give residents an opportunity to comment on current services and runs until 16th November 2015.  A report will be prepared afterwards which will help inform the council’s final strategy for Leisure and Culture. 


Dr Choudhury reported that there were three priorities:


·         Rethinking what services are offered – Services will be reviewed, redesigned and prioritised to ensure they respond to the current and future needs of local residents while being delivered with less money. This could include changing services offered, addressing gaps and shortfalls in services and responding better to what we know about our population, their needs and lifestyle in the context of on-going changes in the 21st century such as advancement in technology. It is important for the Council to create an online service which is easy to access (the digital offer!) and is a tailored, attractive service.

·         Ensuring the right services in the right places – to make sure our facilities and assets are community focused, fit for purpose and in the right place to meet current needs.  This includes sharing or co-locating services and where possible improving or building new facilities and assets to the benefit of the community.

·         Better Management – to reduce the amount we pay for services whilst minimising any negative impact for residents.


Modernise our library service


·         Enhance digital offer - Enhance the digital and on-line offer of our libraries, offering a wider choice of e-books and online resources, better facilities for remote working and an online platform for residents to exchange knowledge, and share information. Hounslow’s libraries will also support digital inclusion and lifelong learning.

·         A more relevant and tailored service - Provide a more relevant and tailored service designed to meet the needs of different localities, engaging non-users through the provision of a number of services in the same building e.g. better designed children library, LEGO education, incorporation of 0-5 years offer.

·         Better library standard - A better library standard will endeavour to provide library buildings and spaces which are fit for purpose and accessible to all residents; well used and located in areas of high footfall; affordable; and provide flexible space which supports the provision of an attractive multi-use offer e.g. addition of coffee shops and other services.


Enhance our network of parks and green spaces for diverse needs


·         Rethink delivery - Review management and maintenance so that Hounslow’s parks are managed better.

·         Target funding strategically – Plan how money is spent and promote ways to increase income from external funds and concessions, rents and fees  ...  view the full minutes text for item 48.


7:05 - 7:25 Question Time


The following questions were raised:


Cllr Collins asked whether Dr Choudhury or a member of his team would be willing to come out to various local clubs to discuss the strategy.  Dr Choudhury agreed that this was possible.


Cllr Collins asked whether the Section 106 money (resulting from Major Developments within the local authority) was being looked at by Area Forum Chairs and asked members to encourage everyone they knew to participate in the consultation and to consider ways that money could be raised.


Cllr Malhotra reported that there were plans to create an outdoor gym in Beavers Park.  Outdoor gyms had been successful around the country.


A resident reported that the gym in Feltham was not accessible to anyone using a wheelchair.


A resident questioned whether the ‘Star Path’ (a solar powered park lighting system) used in other boroughs would be introduced in Hounslow.  Dr Choudhury responded that solar power was not yet in use in the borough.


A resident asked whether more physical activities could be planned specifically for residents with cognitive processing disorders and whether the consultation was looking at making activities easy for this group of residents.


A question was raised about the disused Feltham arena and the old, now unused, Heston Library.  It was suggested that the arena race track be redeveloped for use by local schools, schools might pay a fee to use the venue.  Dr Choudhury responded that the Feltham arena was part of the wider Council plans for public health venues and that this fell into the master plan for the Feltham parks.  No decision had been made about the use of the library land.


A resident asked whether there was currently any CCTV in public parks – she was concerned about the safety of park users.  Dr Choudhury responded that there was not usually CCTV in the parks due to cost.


A resident asked whether available wheelchair exercise classes could be increased across the borough. 


A particular concern was raised about dog fouling in Beavers Park.  Cllr Malhotra agreed that this was a concern but added that the introduction of 22 new enforcement officers over the next month, with the ability to issue fines would help improve this.


A resident suggested that local communities could get involved in running local libraries and also that Club 2000 might potentially be able to run them as a social enterprise managing community assets.


Dr Imran Choudhury asked residents to add their concerns and comments to the consultation.  He said that the council was open to considering different ways of providing services and managing resources.


The consultation is being put out to residents in many different ways, on line, in local community venues, at events and advertised in the local media.


Dr Choudhury could not provide a comment on the use of Section 106 funding although Cllr Malhotra added that this fund was currently managed by Cllr Denison who would welcome project ideas. 





7:25 - 7:45 Coffee Break


Safe Place - update


Sgt Ehab Al-Hashimi reported that a survey of the Safe Place scheme had been conducted by a group of residents and asked Jaspal Vilkhu to report the findings. 


Jaspal Vilkhu reported that the survey had found that while shops might have a sticker on the window, often the shop staff did not know anything about the scheme and hadn’t done any training.  This appeared to be the result of a high turnover of staff in the shops.




7:45 - 8:00 Feltham Town Centre Major Scheme Consultation

            Christopher Deakins with Gareth James, Community Engagement Officer, LBH



Christopher Deakins from Community Engagement was welcomed.  Christopher provided an outline of the planned changes to Feltham Town Centre including the changes to the pedestrian railway bridge.


8:00 - 8:15 Question Time




Concerns were voiced about the health and safety of the planned new pedestrian bridge and the possible danger of shared use with bicycles and baby buggies. 


A resident asked what would happen to all the traffic that currently used the level crossing.  It was explained that the new road system would divert traffic around the area.


Another resident added that they were pleased that the zebra crossing on New Rd was going.


Christopher Deakins added that Network Rail had already decided that the level crossing was unsafe and planned to remove it.  However, by working with them the council would be able to influence the unavoidable changes.  Changes had already been made to some of the design, at the moment the hill access idea for the bridge was only a concept and had not been decided on.


In response to a question about why the number of traffic lights were being increased Christopher Deakins clarified that the plan was not to increase the number of traffic lights but rather to move them to increase the safety of the crossing.


Christopher Deakins was thanked and invited to return to the forum to share the plans for the area once these had been finalised.


8:15 - 8:25 IT Skills / Auditing Service Accessibility

Ilgun Ysuf - Interim Community Learning Manager, Hounslow Adult and Community Education Service



It was suggested that a half day workshop be held with the Third Sector to consider courses that were needed.


Ilgun Ysuf was welcomed to the forum.  He encouraged forum members to sign up for 2 different types of computing courses. 


It was suggested that a half day workshop be held with the 3rd sector to look at possible courses needed.


A resident reported that the voluntary sector were happy to support learners attending courses.


8:25 - 8:40 Question Time


No questions were taken although members were encouraged to sign up for the training offered.


Any Other Business

Any other business which the Chair agrees to consider on the grounds of urgency.


It was suggested that TFL be invited to the next DCF meeting.  George Foster was asked to do the invitation.


George Foster provided an update of the Disability Transport Group – West London meeting attend by himself, Cllr Melvin Collins and John Beattie.  TFL had claimed that more than half of all tube stations were now accessible, although George Foster clarified that this did not include any in Hounslow.  Access in Hounslow was still considered very poor with particular issues around access at West Middlesex Hospital and other Healthcare venues in the borough.


George Foster reported that it had been suggested that Section 106 money be used to improve access.  TFL had given an outline of planned access improvements over the next ten years across London.  George Foster confirmed that none appeared to have been planned in Hounslow.


Cllr Collins thanked George Foster for the update and welcomed Tim Spilsbury from Healthwatch Hounslow as a member of the Forum.  Tim Spilsbury reported that Healthwatch wanted to hear about issues and gaps in provision.  They were now based at the Civic (9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday) and at various community locations such as libraries, GP Surgeries around the borough and at West Middlesex Hospital.  Their contact details are on the website. 


It was suggested that TFL be invited to the next DCF meeting.  George Foster was asked to do the invitation.


Date of Next Meeting 16 December 2015

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