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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest under the Council's Town Planning Code and Disclosure of Personal and Prejudicial Interests as defined by the National Code of Conduct


Members made the following declarations:


Agenda Item 4 – 13 Bridge Wharf Road:

Councillors Cadbury, Harmer, Reid, O’Reilly, Shirley Fisher, Paul Fisher, Hardy, Dakers and Phil Andrews had received correspondence. Councillor Paul Fisher had also made a site visit.


Agenda Item 5 – 17 The Ride:

Councillors Cadbury, Harmer, Dakers and Hardy received correspondence.


Agenda Item 6 – 6 Byfield Road:

Councillors Paul Fisher and Dakers had received correspondence.


Agenda Items 7 & 8 – Hartham Road:

Councillors Shirley Fisher, Hardy and Dakers had received correspondence. Councillor Hardy had also liaised with local residents on this matter.


Councillor Hardy informed members that he would be speaking on Hartham Road at Agenda Item 7 and then withdrawing from the Amhurst Gardens discussion, due to the proximity of Chase Court to his residence on Amhurst Gardens.


Minutes of the meeting held on 4 March 2010 & Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 79 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 4 March 2010 were confirmed and signed by the Chair as a correct record, subject to the following amendments:


Minute 98 – Tolson House, North Street, Isleworth:

Councillor Paul Fisher wished to include in the minutes his suggestions that the following areas as being suitable for S106 funding: Percy Gardens, Silverhall Park and North Street.


Councillor Hardy provided extensive notes in response to queries raised by the Planning Officer, Sunny Desai, following the meeting. These were passed to the Planning Officer following the meeting.  


Matters Arising:


Minute 100 - Update on properties where enforcement notices have been served in the Isleworth & Brentford Area Committee area:

Councillor Paul Fisher sought an update on the London Apprentice and 3 The Pavement. The Planning Officer, Sunny Desai, informed members that details had been submitted for 3 The Pavement and that the Historic Conservation and Urban Design Officer, Maggie Urquhart, had requested amendments. Officers were nearing a solution, which it was hoped would be implemented shortly. Councillor Fisher stressed the need for expediency in this matter.

Action: Sunny Desai to email Area Committee members with an update on this matter.


Minute 102 - Urgent Business:

Councillor Hardy informed the meeting that he had met with Satbir Gill where it was agreed that a street sweeper would be deployed on Hartham Road. Mr Gill, presenting on the item later tonight, confirmed that a street sweeper had been sent to the area yesterday.


Addition to the minutes of the meeting held on 14 January 2010:


Agenda Item 4 – 15 Clifton Road, Brentford.

Councillor Reid noted that the following non-prejudicial declaration was omitted from the minutes: “Councillor Reid declared that she knew a neighbouring resident to the application property.”


13 Bridge Wharf Road, Isleworth pdf icon PDF 135 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Director of Environment, Agenda Item 4. Additional information was received in an Addendum, Agenda Item 11.


The agent for the applicant, Ms Tzena James, updated members on the consultation carried out with local residents and the resulting number of amendments made to the original design. She believed the nearest distance to properties on Church Street to be 22.5 metres and stated that objections – in particular those relating to the height of the building - had been dealt with in the officer’s report.


The Chair invited members’ questions. Members asked that the site plans and elevations be displayed. Councillor Dakers noted the lack of private amenity and asked whether the adjoining footbridge would be brought back into use using S106 funding. Mr Desai reminded members that the Environment Agency had withdrawn a recent application to demolish the footbridge, as it appeared to be owned by the Bridge Wharf Road Residents’ Association. The Council had recently employed a new Planning Obligations Officer who was reviewing the situation.


With the permission of the Chair, Mr Newson addressed the meeting as the agent for the objectors at 11 Bridge Wharf Road and detailed main objections as follows:

  • the potential overlooking into Nr 11’s bedroom from the proposed bedroom windows on the facing flank (5 metres distance);
  • the concern that obscure glazed kitchen/ dining/ living room windows on the facing flank could become clear glazed at a later date (two further side windows would still provide unimpeded views into Nr 11’s bedroom);
  • the potential overlooking from the proposed roof garden;
  • the fact that the change of use from office to residential use would enhance overlooking opportunities from higher windows down into the lit bedroom and bathroom at Nr 11 during the hours of darkness.

Mr Newson sought assurances that no further amendments would be made to the approved plans under the guise of ‘minor variations’ and reiterated his request that all submitted drawings be annotated and published on the Council’s website for scrutiny.


Also speaking in objection to the application on distance grounds, Mr Tom Beaton of 42 Church Street, circulated a letter from Dunphys Chartered Surveyors showing that the distance from the rear of Mr Beaton’s house to the upper floor of the application site was 18.2 metres, within the Hounslow UDP guidelines.


There followed a discussion on the height of the roof garden and the related possibility of overlooking into neighbouring properties from this point. Both objectors raised concerns that the submitted plans and sections were unclear and did not show enough detail on the proposed second floor windows, the roof garden and the opportunities for overlooking.


The Planning Officer, Kelly Sweeney, introduced the submitted reports and informed members that distance measurements had been taken from the Council’s GIS system. She informed members that she had visited the occupants of Nr 11 Bridge Wharf Road. In her opinion it would be difficult to look directly into their bedroom from the application site because of the angle of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 106.


6 Byfield Road, Isleworth pdf icon PDF 108 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Director of Environment, Agenda Item 6.


The Chair apologised to members of the public in attendance for the late notice of the withdrawal of this item.



The application number (P/2010/0115) (00188/6/P4) for the ground floor side extension and rear roof extension with three front roof lights was withdrawn from this meeting, due to the requirement to seek Conservation Area Consent for the demolition of a wall on site.



Planning Officer, Callum Sayers, to publish an updated report on the Council’s website, together with the amended plans.


17 The Ride, Brentford pdf icon PDF 86 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Director of Environment, Agenda Item 5. Additional information received via the Addendum, Agenda Item 11.


Sunny Desai, Planning Officer, introduced the submitted reports and displayed details of the proposed 1.8 metre fencing and gates, noting that their maintenance could be conditioned.


8.45pm – Councillor Shirley Fisher left the meeting at this point.


Councillor Hibbs suggested that details of the maintenance requirements should be sought from the manufacturer. Mr Desai informed members that a condition would require details of maintenance of fence and hedge and that it would then be clear what if any treatment was required to maintain the fence.


Councillor Reid moved the recommendation, seconded by Councillor Carey.


Voting Record:

Voted for: all councillors (with the exception of Councillor Shirley Fisher, who was not in the room for the vote).


8.50pm – Councillor Shirley Fisher returned to the meeting.



That application number (P/2009/2660) (00938/B/P10) for the proposed erection of boundary fence and gates to part of the northern boundary be approved, subject to the conditions in the report and the submitted addendum report. Officers are requested to seek details regarding the maintenance of the fence and hedge as part of a safeguarding condition.


Planning decisions determined under officer's delegated powers pdf icon PDF 33 KB


See report from the Director of Environment, Agenda Item 9.


Councillor O’Reilly highlighted that Syon Park (P/2008/1895) was not within Osterley & Spring Grove ward.


Councillor Paul Fisher requested that all available information on 266 Twickenham Road, Isleworth (P/2009/2942) be provided to ward councillors.



That the submitted report be noted.


Hartham Road - Evaluation Report pdf icon PDF 72 KB


See report from the Director of Environment, Agenda Item 7.


Highways Asset Manager, Satbir Gill, introduced the report and confirmed that a street sweeper had visited the area yesterday. He assured members that the road surface would improve over time.


Councillor Hardy sought clarification on the actual costs of the treatment and the reasons that Hartham Close had not been included in the pilot, indicating that he would email the officer following the meeting on the matter.



That members of the Area Committee note the contents of the report and instruct officers to keep this road under review.


Hartham Road - Petition requesting a CPZ pdf icon PDF 74 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Director of Environment, Agenda Item 8.


The Chair informed members that discussion on Hartham Road and Amhurst Gardens would be done separately to allow Councillor Hardy to address the meeting on Amhurst Gardens and withdraw from the meeting during the discussion, following his declaration of interest in relation to this item. Members agreed to discuss Hartham Road first.


Hartham Road:

Satnam Sahota, Team Leader of Developments & Parking, introduced the submitted report on Hartham Road and invited members’ questions.  Councillor Hardy requested that consultation should include residents of Hartham Close and Deepwell Close, which could be affected by displacement should a CPZ be implemented.


8.58pm – Councillor Reid left the meeting.


Members requested that preliminary consultation be carried out now, including timing and location (particular sections of road) options because of the variance of views amongst local residents.


9.00pm – Councillor Reid returned to the meeting.


With the permission of the Chair a local resident addressed the meeting on the effects of the London Road CPZ in terms of displacement. Councillor Hardy called for a more holistic approach to assessing the parking needs for the whole area, citing the inadequate parking provision in planned developments and the need for residents on London Road to move their cars during the CPZ mornings and evening enforcement hours.


Councillor Hardy moved that the provisional consultation be carried out as per members’ discussion above, which was seconded by Councillor Reid.


Voting Record:

Voting For: all councillors.


Amhurst Gardens:

With the permission of the Chair, Councillor Hardy addressed the meeting and expressed the view that a CPZ was needed for Chase Court residents. He noted that he had asked Chris Calvi-Freeman, Head of Transport, about the possibility of extending the existing Twickenham Road CPZ along the pavement past the entrance to Amhurst Gardens to the south. According to Mr Calvi-Freeman, the southernmost section of Amhurst Gardens might become one-way at some point in the future, subject to consultation. Councillor Hardy asked whether officers in Parking and Traffic were aware of each other’s competing plans.


9.11pm – Councillor Hardy left the meeting.


Mr Sahota noted that was aware of the proposals under consideration by Traffic officers but was unsure when they were due to be implemented and would therefore consult Mr Calvi-Freeman on the matter.


The Chair mirrored Councillor Hardy’s comments on the benefits of extending the Twickenham Road CPZ to the south along the pavement in front of Isleworth Town School and suggested a review of the Twickenham Road parking situation. He indicated that, although most Amhurst Gardens residents now had crossovers into their properties, there had been strong opposition amongst them to the introduction of a CPZ around Chase Court. Mr Sahota suggested that, given Chase Court’s proximity to West Middlesex Hospital, most of the cars parked on that section of the road belonged to non-residents. He expressed the view that the recommendation to incorporate Chase Court into the CPZ would not  ...  view the full minutes text for item 111.


Urgent Business

Any other items, which the Chair accepts for consideration on the grounds of urgency


Area Committee Community Plan Priorities:

Members requested a report to the next Monitoring meeting on 3 June 2010, detailing the progress made over the period of this administration on the Area Committee’s 5 Community Plan priorities and 3 special projects.



UttamGujral, Area Co-ordinator to submit a detailed report to the Monitoring meeting on 3 June 2010.


Site visits by members to application sites:

Speaking in relation to the member discussion on Agenda Item 4, 13 Bridge Wharf Road, Councillor Harmer asked that site visits be organised for members to give further clarity to the discussion at Area Committee. 


Addendum Report pdf icon PDF 64 KB

Addendum report attached to the electronic agenda on 15.04.10