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Hounslow Borough Community Police Consultative Group

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Information about Hounslow Borough Community Police Consultative Group

The Hounslow CPCG aims to be a representative voice of the community on policing issues in the borough and to build confidence between the Police and the community so that crime and the fear of crime can be successfully reduced. The Group also strives to challenge racial harassment in partnership with the Police.

The Group is there to represent you and help you, either as an individual or as a member of a community group. You can raise any policing issue at the Group’s public meetings, either by informing the Group Secretary in advance or on the evening. Members of the Group will then try to answer all questions as fully as possible.

Your organisation may also wish to support the work of the Group by becoming a member and actively contributing to a safer community. You can help to influence the policing priorities in your area and increase your understanding of how the Police works. You can contact the Group Secretary who will be happy to send you a hard copy of the form by post. Alternatively you can download the membership application form the Group’s webpages – available on the Hounslow Community and Police Consultative Group website - http://e-voice.org.uk/hounslowcpcg/.