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Venue: St John's Centre, 80 St John's Road, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 6RU

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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members pdf icon PDF 185 KB

Briefing note for proposed consultation on Stopping Up of roads and footpaths within the curtilage of the Land South of the High Street, Brentford attached with agenda pack following the meeting.

Additional documents:


Apologies submitted on behalf of councillors Dennison, Dunne, Mayne and O’Reilly. Apologies for lateness were received on behalf of Councillor Sampson.  There were no declarations of interest.


Councillor Louki wished to record the Area Forum’s congratulations to friends’ groups and staff at the Council responsible for the three parks that had recently been awarded Green Flag status (St John’s Park, Jersey Gardens and Boston Manor Park).


Proposed Stopping Up – Land South of the High Street, Brentford (briefing note published with electronic agenda pack for reference – Agenda Item 1):

Members were briefed on the consultation on proposed stopping up of roads and footpaths within the Land South of the High Street, Brentford development site for which planning permission was granted in 2015 (00607/BA/P2).  The development would provide replacement roads and footways connecting the High Street to the river.  The 28 day consultation would be publicised and was expected to begin mid-August. 


Local Policing Update - Sgt. Kevin Sinclair (Isleworth and Osterley reports late additions) pdf icon PDF 210 KB

To include an update from British Transport Police colleagues.

Additional documents:


Ing Sgt Kevin Sinclair, Metropolitan Police Service, provided an update on staffing levels on wards, confirming that each Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) would now include two police constables and that a total of six SNT sergeants would provide supervision for the entire borough. 


7.55pm – Councillor Sampson joined the meeting at this point.


He answered questions on policing across ward and sector boundaries within the borough, as well as efforts by police to tackle motorbike enabled crime and issues around cycling on pavements.  He encouraged residents and members to report incidents of antisocial behaviour to their local police teams. 


Sergeant Tony Bennett, British Transport Police, briefed members on policing of the Hounslow Loop of the local rail network, four stations of which were situated within Hounslow borough.  He invited members and residents to use the Freephone number 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 where any issues or criminal activity on or in the vicinity of the network could be reported anonymously.  He noted that, should members wish, a breakdown of reported incidents could be provided for future meetings.


In response to concerns raised about street drinkers using the Isleworth rail station car park, members heard that Jennifer Griffiths from the Southwest Trains (Hounslow Line) Community Rail Partnership was working with young people on both short-term and long-term ideas designed to deter street drinkers from using the car park.


Open Forum

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


A number of questions had been submitted in writing before the meeting and were considered as follows:


Area Forum consultation on the Residential Extension Guidelines Supplementary Planning Document:

The Isleworth Society asked why the proposed Residential Extension Guidelines Supplementary Planning Document had not been referred to Area Forum before the consultation began, in accordance with the timetable that had been presented to the Residents Associations Forum.  In view of this it was asked whether the consultation should be deferred and/or period of consultation extended to enable wider notification.   Councillor Curran noted that Councillor Dennison would investigate any particular concerns as the responsible Cabinet Member for consultation, adding that this particular guidance was long awaited.


Call-in for Nazareth House site:  

The Isleworth Society asked why its request for a call-in for planning application P/2017/2235 – 00937/A/P32 (Nazareth House Site Windows) had not been included for review in the Area Forum agenda.  The Chair read the response from the Development Management team “There is a lack of clarity as to the outcome following the November 2015 reports that officers are seeking to clarify before responding to The Isleworth Society request (particularly in Councillor Dennison’s absence) and that we wish to be sure that officers are able to apply a consistent and open-handed approach across the Borough.  It should be noted that the Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum has never been afforded the opportunity to comment on the November 2015 proposals because the report was withdrawn from the agenda at the 12 November 2015 meeting.  The qualification or selection criteria for ‘recognised amenity societies’ were still being worked on and would be resolved. The Isleworth Society can, however, be assured that the application in question will not be determined until this matter is resolved.”  Councillor Curran provided assurances that further clarification would be provided by Councillor Dennison at the next meeting of the Area Forum. (ACTION: Councillor Dennison)


Community Toilet Scheme:

St John’s Residents Association sought clarification as to which businesses had agreed to allow public access as part of a community toilet scheme, following the decision taken by Cabinet in May 2017, without any consultation, to remove on street toilets outside Isleworth Station and a toilet with disabled access in Brentford.  Particular concerns were raised in light of the level of antisocial behaviour in the vicinity of Isleworth rail station.  Councillor Curran sought to provide assurances that no further public facilities would be removed until a scheme was in place.


112 Bus Route:

St John’s Residents Association drew attention to the publication of proposals by Transport for London to extend bus route 112 from Brent Cross to Osterley Tesco via the Great West Road.  Given the route used the North Circular Road and regularly got stuck in traffic for over an hour, clarification was sought as to whether this was the best way to improve public transport facilities in Osterley without serving the new schools.  Gareth James confirmed that he would pass comments on to colleagues at Transport for London and encouraged  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19.


Area Forum Action Plan - for information pdf icon PDF 224 KB


See submitted report from the Area Participation Officer, Agenda Item 5.


The Chair informed those present that an additional Area Forum meeting would be scheduled for Monday 9th October to review the Action Plan.  This meeting would include a young people’s Open Forum section.


Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and S106 Consultation - information item

The consultation runs from 3 July to 15 September 2017 inclusive.  Members and residents are invited to suggest projects that could improve their local areas.  More information is available on the Council’s website about the fund, process and application form:



Residents and members were encouraged to go to the information on the Council’s website, using the link provided on the front of the agenda (https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/info/20033/community_infrastructure_levy/1094/community_infrastructure_levy/5) and to submit a nomination for a particular project to be funded. 


Gareth James, Area Participation Officer, drew attention to the links to the wealth of information available on the levy on the Council’s website.  He encouraged members and residents to submit applications for projects they wished to receive funding.


Petitions update - for information pdf icon PDF 137 KB

A briefing note on the petition requesting businesses in Isleworth to access permits in the Rugby Zone will follow for discussion at the meeting.


See submitted petitions update from the Area Participation Officer, Agenda Item 6.


With the permission of the Chair, the lead petitioner in respect of the request to allow businesses in Isleworth to access permits in the Rugby Zone addressed the meeting.  Gareth James responded on behalf of Traffic & Transport officers, suggesting that because the businesses were located outside the CPZ area they would not be eligible to park within the zone.  Councillor Green suggested that she had already been in touch with the business and that a solution was being investigated, which may resolve the matter.



·       Members noted the submitted update.

·       Members considered options in relation to the petition requesting businesses in Isleworth to access permits in the Rugby Zone.

·       Members encouraged residents to take part in the consultation scheduled to commence in September in respect of the petitions requesting College Road and Ridgeway Road to become a CPZ”.  This consultation would include residents of Ridgeway Road, College Road, and the section of Church Road between Ridgeway Road and Osterley Road.


Play Streets - for information pdf icon PDF 173 KB


Members noted the submitted update and encouraged residents to take advantage of the waived fee for the coming year and to apply for a play street in their area.


Planning application called in to Area Forum - 209 Brentford High Street - Councillor Guy Lambert pdf icon PDF 173 KB


See submitted report from the Head of Development Management, Agenda Item 8.


Councillor Lambert had called in the application and introduced the submitted report asking members to consider retaining the existing shop at the application site.  There followed a brief discussion on the increase of betting shops in the town centre.  Councillor Curran referred to the redevelopment of the Land South of the High Street and assured members that efforts would be made to locate alternative sites both for the Paddy Power betting shop and the Morrison’s supermarket. 


At a vote the motion to delegate the decision on the matter to officers was carried by majority vote of 4:2 in favour by councillors Lambert, Green, Sampson, Curran with councillors Savin and Collins voting in objection. 



·       Members agreed that the planning application in respect of 209 High Street, Brentford (application number 00607/209/P3) should be determined by officers under delegated authority. 

·       Members acknowledged assurances by the Leader of the Council that efforts would be made to find alternative premises to relocate the existing Paddy Power betting shop and that any relocation of the betting shop from its existing location in the Land South of the High Street scheme would be left as late as possible in the process.



Minutes of the meeting held on 15 June 2017 and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 245 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 15 June 2017 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Matters Arising:


Minute 5: Open Forum (St John’s Residents Association)

Councillor Curran committed to follow up with Melanie Gadd on the matter relating to the resurfacing works on Linkfield Road and Mill Plat.


Minute 9: Update on Brentford Lodge Site:

Councillor Curran noted that he had met with Martin Waddington, Joint Commissioning, on the proposals for Brentford Lodge.  An update would be taken to this Area Forum in November.


Date of next scheduled meeting - 28 September 2017 pdf icon PDF 224 KB

An indicative meeting plan is included here for information and is subject to change as required.


The date of the forthcoming meeting was noted.


Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business raised.