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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members


Apologies were received on behalf of Councillors Carey and Savin.


There were no declarations of interest.


Local Policing Update pdf icon PDF 143 KB


See submitted police update report, Agenda Item 2.


Referring to the January minutes, Inspector Steve Edwards confirmed that he was unable to provide specific figures on the number of Fixed Penalty Notices issued for cycling on pavements, as all tickets issued were logged centrally for the Metropolitan Police Service and were not filed by geographical area.  He assured members, however, that the number of tickets issued for this offence were not high and that officers would continue their efforts to tackle the issue. 


Insp. Edwards provided an update on efforts to address rising levels of graffiti and the proposal to install motion sensor cameras in key locations to help identify the taggers.  He confirmed that neighbourhood policing teams were undergoing a restructure, which resulted in the loss of a small number of PCs from the borough as a whole.  In light of the commitment to deploy one PCSO to each ward, any PCSOs leaving a ward would be replaced.  The area team’s focus continued to be on drugs and efforts were underway to disrupt business and apprehend individuals where possible.


Councillor Curran joined the meeting at this point.


The Smart Water project was expanding. To date over 700 homes had been marked with ‘SmartWater’ and Insp. Edwards was able to report that the police had a 100% conviction rate in respect of individuals who had been charged with burglaries from homes where ‘SmartWater’ had been deployed.


Anti-social behaviour was still an issue and the current focus was around Church Street and Union Lanewhere reports of drug use, street drinking and anti-social behaviour were being investigated.  Officers continued to target mopeds and were uncovering links to drugs warrants as part of that work.  Insp. Edwards repeated his appeal for any information residents were able to provide that might help the police. 


Councillor Louki wished to record his thanks on behalf of the newly re-established Friends of Thornbury Park for the recent results of partnership working by the police colleagues, Carillion and Council staff and St Mungo’s charity to deep clean areas of the park and help move a long-standing group of homeless people from the park.


For information only: Church Street - Initial Impact Analysis note pdf icon PDF 1 MB

The Chair has confirmed for this item that he will accept the following speakers:


1.     One Syon Ward councillor and one Isleworth Ward councillor.

2.     Two people from the floor – one preferably from Church Street.


See initial impact analysis note from Steer Davies Gleave, Agenda Item 3.


In line with the Chair’s request for speakers on the published agenda pack, he welcomed comments from Councillor Mayne (Isleworth Ward),  Councillor Dennison (Syon Ward), and from local residents, first representing those opposed to the trial closure Tamsin Turner, Dr Sally Connolly, and representing those in support of the closure Matt Koster-Marcon, Chair of the Church Street Residents Association. 


Councillor Mayne thanked the Chair for agreeing to include on the published agenda the initial impact analysis note, which he believed illustrated that more data was required to fully assess the outcome of the trial.  He highlighted the key findings of the analysis and welcomed the forthcoming consultation with North Street residents. 


Councillor Dennison welcomed the use of an independent firm to carry out the analysis of the data.  He suggested that, whilst the note addressed the overall impact to date and was designed to focus primarily at through traffic, those individuals with particular journey patterns may be experiencing greater disruption and he welcomed further detailed analysis on the matter as it became available.


Local resident, Tamsin Turner, cited NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) readings recorded at two sites on Twickenham Road, which she stated were worse than the A4 dual carriageway readings, for the following periods: 3rd – 31st January 2016 readings recorded at 77.72 and 70.99 micrograms per cubic meter and from 31st January – 14th February 2016 readings recorded at 80.3 and 64.4 micrograms per cubic meter.  Mrs Turner stated that readings above 60 micrograms indicated hourly air pollution limits were being systematically breached; data on which the published analysis had been based was flawed, and months should not be classified as “neutral” for traffic behaviour.  The data used for bus journey times relied on the 2015 figures, during which time substantial road works had been carried out on Twickenham Road, which brought into question the validity of the presented analysis.  When asked for clarification on her assertion in relation to the poverty of air quality on Twickenham Road, Mrs Turner referred to an air quality reading of  60 [micrograms per cubic meter] from the A4 in Brentford and contrasted this with a Twickenham Road reading of 80 [micrograms per cubic meter].   


Dr Sally Connolly, Syon Park resident, suggested that 18% of Syon Park households had not been consulted prior to the proposed trial closure.  All residents and businesses she had spoken to were opposed to the closure.  Businesses had experienced negative impact and claimed to have lost custom as a direct result of the trial closure.  Syon Park was not well served by public transport and some residents no longer felt comfortable walking down Church Street, where it was alleged they had experienced intimidation and verbal aggression.  Church Street had also acted as an access road for Syon Park and West Middlesex University Hospital. 


Many Syon Park residents cycled regularly but now reported feeling less safe cycling locally, pointing to the junctions  ...  view the full minutes text for item 86.


Open Forum pdf icon PDF 141 KB

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


To view the full text of the questions and responses provided in advance of the meeting, please see the electronic agenda pack, Agenda Item 4.


Submissions writing were received prior to the meeting in relation to the following topics:

1.     Air pollution in Isleworth;

2.     Request for an update on the standing water programme;

3.     School expansion, specifically in relation to provision from September 2017;

4.     Investment in local transport and public realm;

5.     Proposals for the Duke of Northumberland River.


Supplementary questions raised at the meeting were as follows:


2.     Request for an update on the standing water programme:

Further to his submitted question on ponding, Dominic noted concerns that it may take up to two years to have the identified roads repaired and called for urgent action.


3.     School expansion, specifically in relation to provision from September 2017:

When asked whether bulge classes meant portacabins, Marilyn Smith confirmed that planning permission had already been granted for expansion at Isleworth and Syon School and at Chiswick School.  The decision on the accommodation was a matter for the Schools Place Planning team to address.


4.     Investment in local transport and public realm:

Further to his question in relation to investment in local transport and public realm, Mr West asked a supplementary question at the meeting, seeking clarification on the Council’s previous policy of pooling planning obligations funding to help mitigate the impact on the local area, particularly relevant in his view in light of the cumulative impact of the number of current individual development sites. Councillor Dennison, Lead Cabinet Member for Finance and Citizen Engagement, confirmed that improvements to all rail stations around Isleworth were a priority and agreed to speak with Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, once he had returned from his paternity leave later this month.


5.     Proposals for the Duke of Northumberland River:

At the meeting Ms Joyce Diment stressed the need for resident consultation on the proposals and displayed three pairs of before and after photographs to illustrate the extent of the pollarding carried out to date on three willow trees along the river.  Members confirmed that the third tree next to the Royal Oak public house on Worton Road had been cut down by the pub owners and not the Council’s contractors.  Kieran Taylor confirmed that Chris Slack of Carillion would be presenting to the Area Forum’s May meeting on the proposals.  Whilst he acknowledged that the pruning appeared severe, he assured members that the trees would grow back within a relatively short period.  A consultation would be carried out in respect of proposals for the west bank in March, including two options for residents to submit their views on.  Ms Diment stressed that replanting lost trees should be done immediately, as the planting season was coming to an end, and asked the Area Forum to insist upon it. 

Additional questions raised during the Open Forum:

Members agreed that these questions would be reported back to the relevant department and a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 87.


Petitions pdf icon PDF 122 KB

Briefing notes submitted for the following petitions:

·       Marlborough Road, Isleworth – request for parking controls  

·       London Road/ College Road/ Linkfield Road/ Amhurst Gardens Area – request for parking controls

Additional documents:


See submitted briefing notes from the Executive Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda Item 7.


Petition for controlled parking: Marlborough Road, Isleworth (19 signatures):

Mr David Coleman, lead petitioner, explained the background to the petition and drew attention to the current problems residents had parking on the road from Monday to Saturday, with Sunday the only clear day.  Recognising that there was an issue for residents, Councillor Dunne proposed that the matter was delegated to Syon Ward members in consultation with the lead officer to look into the issues.  Councillor Dennison supported this proposal and confirmed ward members would be visiting the area on Sunday morning to speak with residents.  At a vote on the matter all members present supported Councillor Dunne’s proposal, with the exception of Councillor Mayne who was not in the room for the discussion.



·       That the matter be delegated to Syon Ward councillors in consultation with the lead officer to carry out further assessment of the issues around parking in the roads identified in the submitted petition.

·       That the lead petitioner be informed of the Area Forum decision.


New petition for controlled parking: Mill Platt area, Isleworth (82 signatures):

Mr Barry Edwards, Linkfield Road, referred to the submitted briefing notes included in the agenda pack in respect of controlled parking petitions.  He drew attention to the very low number of signatories represented in each case in contrast to the Mill Platt area petition, which represented more than 60% of households in the area.  Mr Edwards asked members to consider the impact any progress on those requests would have on the Mill Platt submission when considering the officer’s recommendations this evening. 



·       Members noted the submission of a petition requesting the implementation of a controlled parking zone (CPZ) for the Mill Platt area (Kendall Road, Mill Platt Avenue, Lismore Close and Linkfield Road (Nr 222–Nr 159) Twickenham Road (Nr 185–Nr 187).  The requested CPZ was proposed for residents only at all times.

·       Members noted the option included within the petition that the CPZ should include the implementation of No Entry sign for the Mill Platt at the Isleworth Station end of Linkfield Road, creating a one way street from Twickenham Road. Should the location of the No Entry sign not be assessed as suitable, a second option had been included requesting that the CPZ should include the implementation of a No Entry sign, southbound, on Linkfield Road at the junction of Linkfield Road and Kendall Road, for traffic to be directed along Kendall Road to St John’s Road.  


Councillor Mayne re-joined the meeting at this point.


Petition for controlled parking: London Road/ College Road/Linkfield Road/ Amhurst Gardens Area (23 signatures): 

The lead petitioner was unable to attend the meeting.  In light of the discussion in relation to the other controlled parking petitions, above, Councillor Dennison expressed the view that this petition had been submitted in anticipation of the impact resulting from the anticipated “London Square” development on London Road. He  ...  view the full minutes text for item 88.


Six Garden Suburbs - Controlled Parking Zone detailed design consultation pdf icon PDF 170 KB


See submitted briefing note from the Executive Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda Item 9.


Councillor Louki amended the submitted briefing note, changing “Northumberland Gardens” to read “Northumberland Avenue”.  He recorded his thanks to officers for their work to date on the matter and added that he was in discussion with the report author on the possibility of maximising parking provision at the A4 end of Northumberland Gardens. 


Councillor Louki moved approval of the officer’s recommendation, subject to the inclusion of an additional recommendation that any objections resulting from the statutory consultation should be referred to ward members to resolve in consultation with the Chair and officers.  The Chair called for a vote on the recommendations, as amended, which was supported by all members present.



·       The Area Forum noted the results of the controlled parking zone (CPZ) detailed design consultation and agreed to allow officers to progress to formal statutory consultation on the extension of the Syon Lane Station CPZ, operational Monday to Friday 9.00am–6.00pm into Otterburn Gardens, Northumberland Avenue (between Hexham Gardens and Roxborough Avenue), Redesdale Gardens and Warkworth Gardens.

·       Any objections to the statutory consultation should be referred to ward members in consultation with the Chair and officers to resolve.

·       The Area Forum agreed that the residents of the roads specified above be notified of the consultation results and the decision of this Area Forum.


Small Grants Report pdf icon PDF 123 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Third Sector Partnerships Manager, Agenda Item 5.


Small Grant funding:

Members acknowledged the submission of an additional late application for the sum of £200 towards the provision of cycle racks and shelter at St Faith’s Church, Brentford.  Kieran Taylor, Transport Planner, offered clarification that Transport for London (TfL) could provide some funding towards cycle parking.  For proposals on private land TfL typically match funded proposals, as was likely to be the case for this application.  Following a brief discussion, members voted unanimously to award each of the submitted applications the requested small grant funding.



·       The Area Forum considered the small grant applications received as set out in appendices A and B of the submitted report, together with the late application on behalf of St Faith’s Church, Brentford.

·       The Area Forum awarded funding based on the applications and information provided in appendices A and B, together with the information provided within the late application mentioned above.


Community Engagement Funding:

The Clerk reminded members that, as this was their last meeting before the end of the financial year, any decisions they wished to make on the remaining £3,000 Community Engagement Fund should be agreed here.  Members were advised that discussions were ongoing with the Council’s contractors to assess whether proposals for the improvement to the pathways and gardens around the Brentford War Memorial could be completed in time for the 2016 remembrance ceremony within the existing contract.  Should this not be the case, members were asked whether they wished to make an ‘in principle’ decision to award the Community Engagement funding to any improvement works proposed that did not fall within the contract.


Councillor Louki proposed that any ‘in principle’ decision should include improvements to the independent war memorial on Borough Road/ College Road, Isleworth.  Councillor Curran noted his support for the funding to be used towards improvements to war memorials within the Isleworth and Brentford area, subject to further discussions with the relevant lead officers in respect of the proposed works and how these were funded. 



The Area Forum approved the ‘in principle’ decision to award funding from the Community Engagement Fund, up to the total available sum of £3,000, subject to further discussions with the relevant lead officers in respect of works towards improvements to war memorials.


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - Kieran Taylor pdf icon PDF 39 KB

Additional documents:


See submitted briefing note from the Executive Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda Item 6.


Kieran Taylor, Transport Planner, provided a short update, adding that he would be emailing ward members over the coming months with proposed sites for EV charge points across the borough.  In response to questions he indicated that BPL reimbursed the Council for each EV charging bay installed in public car parks.  The cost to install each socket was approximately 400 and the owner of the electric vehicle purchased a metering cable and be billed each month for the electricity usage.  Officers were working to produce a standard charging model for each EV charging point application and make this as cost neutral to the Council as possible.


The time taken to charge an electric vehicle depended on the car model and the power output used.  Mr Taylor indicated that the running costs of an electric vehicle were equivalent to a standard petrol/ diesel vehicle over a period of between five and eight years, due in large part to the higher purchase costs of the electric models.  It was estimated that there were currently in the region of 100+ privately owned electric vehicles borough.  Mr Taylor confirmed that there was no concession* for electric vehicle owners living in controlled parking zones. 


*[Explanatory note: a 50% discount on a parking permit is applicable to vehicles in bands A and B for vehicle excise duty]


Members noted their unanimous support for the trial and advised officers to try a number of options to assess what worked best.



·       Members noted that the Source London charging network was under new ownership and that the new owners (BPL) were seeking to increase the number of charge points in the borough.

·       The Area Forum noted that the borough had received funding from Transport for London to trial new EV charge points, which could be retrofitted into lamp columns.

·       The Area Forum approved in principle the installation of EV sockets in lamp columns, and associated advisory bay markings, to serve residents with no off-street parking.


Neighbourhood Enforcement - presentation by Aled Richards and Steve Maunders pdf icon PDF 317 KB


See presentation slides displayed at the meeting and attached with the electronic agenda pack, Agenda Item 7.


Aled Richards, Director of Community Safety, Environment and Regulatory Services, and Steve Maunders, Isleworth and Brentford Enforcement Team Manager, took members through the presentation slides, drawing attention to the Enforcement team structure chart and the expectation that teams would bring regular updates to the Area Forum. This would include ‘heat maps’ for fly-tipping, etc., an example of which was given in the presentation slides. 


A member of Hounslow Highways staff was affiliated to each of the borough’s five enforcement teams.  Those tasked with patrolling the borough’s estates were also now issued with uniforms and were trained to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs).  It was hoped that the Neighbourhood Enforcement Manager post would be filled in the coming months. 


Mr Richards noted that the borough’s zero tolerance approach to littering, spitting, etc. was reflected in the rising number of Fixed Penalty Notices being issued. It was anticipated that the number of FPNs would continue to rise until behavioural change began. 


In response to questions the following points were made:

·       Kingdom Enforcement had been contracted to patrol the borough’s street and issue FPNs.  Enforcement officers also investigated community safety issues, anti-social behaviour and noise complaints, as well as reporting fly-tipping on public and private land. 

·       The borough’s parks were included in the enforcement team’s remit.

·       Officers were currently looking into requests to lock the gates at night at Thornbury Park. 

·       The borough had an extensive CCTV network, although it was acknowledged that some of the equipment used could benefit from being updated under the proposed future IT/ CCTV project.

·       The hours of operation for enforcement teams had recently been changed to enable officers to respond more effectively to reports of anti-social behaviour late at night.

·       It was confirmed that the Council was able to serve notice on private land owners who did not respond to enforcement notices.  The Council could then carry out the necessary works and recharge costs to the land owner.

·       An article on the new enforcement team would be included in the new edition of HM magazine, which would be circulated to all residences in the coming days.

·       Assurances were given confirming that the police had been involved in each stage of the Kingdom Enforcement contracts process.  Enforcement officers had been drawn from a diverse background and provisions were in place to ensure that officers treated residents fairly. 


The Chair thanked officers for their attendance. 


Councillor Louki left the room at this point.


Area Forum Action Plan pdf icon PDF 83 KB


See report from the Area Participation Officer, Agenda Item 10.


Councillor Mayne referred to concerns in relation to fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of Ferry House, Church Street, Isleworth, which had been fenced off for some time.  It was noted that the boundary wall belonged to the house but that the cemented area at the front of the building had been purchased by London Borough of Richmond upon Thames some years ago.  Councillor Mayne requested an update on the proposals for the site and suggested opening up a dialogue with colleagues in Richmond on the re-establishment of the river ferry.


Members also requested an update on Gunnersbury Park to the July Area Forum.



The Area Forum noted the submitted Action Plan.


Minutes of the meeting held on 21 January 2016 and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 106 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 21 January 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record. 


Matters Arising:


Minute 68: Open Forum (Lucozade sign):

Councillor Curran confirmed receipt of a response from the Planning Inspectorate on 2 March, confirming that they were satisfied with the appeal decision of the Inspector concerning the Lucozade advertisement.  The Local Authority would now reassess its options before taking any further action.


Councillor Louki re-joined the meeting at this point.


235 bus suspended service from Great West Quarter site:

Councillor Lambert noted concern at the suspension without notice by Transport for London following damage to the bollard at Great West Quarter.  He expressed the view that this decision was unacceptable and had impacted a large number of bus users in that area.  He asked for clarification as to why the lack of a barrier meant that the bus could not carry on servicing the area and requested an urgent review by Transport for London to assess alternative options to enable the bus route to be re-established. 


Councillor Curran confirmed that he had been in contact with TfL and Barratts and with the Head of Traffic and Transport to lobby TfL to allow the bus to stop on Ealing Road, which was well used by coaches on football match days. 


The Chair suggested contacting the Chair of the Transport Committee at the GLA on the matter. Councillor Curran agreed to look into the issue as a matter of urgency.


Date of next scheduled meeting - Thursday, 26 May 2016


The Chair wished to record the Area Forum’s thanks to Marilyn Smith, standing in as the Area Participation Officer for this meeting in Mark Frost’s absence, following the recent birth of Mark’s second child.  Members recorded their very best wishes to Mark and his family on the arrival of their son.


The Chair thanked members for supporting him as Chair of the Area Forum over the past municipal year.  He also thanked the attending residents for their good nature and attendance.  In turn members thanked Mel for his work over the past year. 



Members noted the date of the forthcoming meeting.