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Minutes of the meeting held on 25 January 2012 pdf icon PDF 85 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 25 January 2012 were agreed as a true and accurate record.


Matters arising:

Cllr Liz Mammatt said that she had heard that Prince’s Club (page 5) was up for sale and due to close; she asked if licensing issues were the reason. Nigel Farmer, Head of Business Regulations, advised that officers had visited the site and prohibition notices had been served on certain activities under health and safety regulations, however the club had not applied for a licence and the process had only just begun. No licence would now be issued as the premises were due to close at the end of May 2012.


Licensing Act 2003 - Update pdf icon PDF 62 KB

Additional documents:


Please see the report from Councillor Tom Bruce, Chair of the Licensing Committee (Agenda Item 3).


With the Chair’s permission this item was heard after Item 4 as Patricia Huertas did not need to be present.


Nigel Farmer, Head of Business Regulations, presented the report. He explained that whilst some of the statistics contained in the appendices pertained to the Council year of May to May most had been presented as calendar years as this was how Temporary Event Notices (TENS) were allocated. He added that the licence categories given were a rough guide only. Of the six reviews carried out by Licensing Panels and Officer delegated powers during 2011 one decision had been overturned on appeal by Brentford Magistrates Court, who had reinstated a premises licence with conditions following its revocation. Mr Farmer advised that most test purchases offences had resulted in a caution with minor variation in conditions. He stated that a new Police Licensing Officer for the Borough, PC Simon Lawrence, had taken over from PC Lindsey Cornock.


Cllr Shantanu Rajawat asked for more detail regarding the enforcement protocol referred to in paragraph 3.6. Nigel Farmer replied that there was a memorandum of understanding between the Licensing Authority and the police and that discussions were currently underway on updating this. He advised that he did not have details of actions that had taken place but would supply them by email. Caroline Eaton added that all actions had been for underage sales, none under the terms of the Licensing Act 2003; to the best of her knowledge there had never been any such prosecutions.


Cllr Bradley Fisher stated that he had taken part in a Panel hearing that had reluctantly granted a 24 hour off sales licence as there had been no lawful reason not to. There had been no police representation against the application and yet subsequently the Hounslow Chronicle had reported that Commander Bilson objected to the licence; Cllr Fisher asked why the police had not objected beforehand. Cllr Liz Mammatt added that Commander Bilson had said that he had discussed the matter with Cllr Mayne but that nothing had reached the Police Licensing Officer.


Cllr Fisher stated that with regards to attendance at Licensing Panels 50% of the Committee were doing 90% of the work. He said that there were members of the Conservative Group who would like to join the Committee but this would upset the political balance. As the Licensing Committee was a non-political group he asked if it would be possible to do this. Caroline Eaton advised that as the Licensing Committee possessed functions delegated by Borough Council the Committee had to reflect the political make-up of the Council. However as the law required a minimum membership of 15 but did not give a maximum number, Ms Eaton stated that there was the possibility of a larger Committee which would allow more flexibility; this would need to be discussed with the political groups.


Cllr Adrian Lee said that he would be happy  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.


Hounslow Town Centre - Street Trading/Market Initiative pdf icon PDF 59 KB

Additional documents:


Please see the report from Caroline Eaton, Principal Lawyer (Agenda Item 4).


With the Chair’s permission this item was heard before Item 3 as Patricia Huertas did not need to be present for the latter.


Caroline Eaton, Legal Adviser, stated that she had drafted the report with the assistance of Patricia Huertas, Town Centre Manager and advised that it showed progress to date with street trading proposals for Hounslow High Street. Ms Eaton distributed plans showing the intended location of stalls within the High Street and informed members that the advertisement had gone to press on 4 May and that the 28 day consultation would close on 1 June. This, she stated, would allow time for responses to be received and brought to Licensing Committee on 25 June; Borough Council had formally delegated all street trading functions to the Licensing Committee on 27 March 2012. The second newspaper advertisement would, Ms Eaton advised, be placed 28 days before the resolution came into effect in late July or early August; the market would be established in September, giving time for traders to organise.


Patricia Huertas advised that towards the end of that period there would be a need to look at how the market would work, levels of fees and how it would be run. She described the starting date of early September as quite optimistic but that nonetheless it was still the intention to open by then. Nigel Farmer stated that current Street Trading Licences would have all expired by the end of August.


Caroline Eaton advised that the Space Makers agency were looking at applications for temporary licences for the designated area and would be in a position to arrange for stalls to be themed within given sections. Patricia Huertas stated that three themes were being looked at, food, flowers and arts & crafts; the latter two were proving to be challenging and so food was currently the prominent theme.  Ms Huertas advised that a market operator was being sought to run a test market; information gathered from this would inform the final report. She stated that the market would start with low numbers of high quality stalls with the potential to be expanded later; the plan was to be put together by BDP who had been responsible for the Town Centre Master Plan. Ms Huertas described the current plan for the market layout as indicative of intentions rather than a definitive finished item; for example the possibility of more stalls if the High Street was fully pedestrianised was shown.


Cllr Tom Bruce requested more information on the wording of the policy regarding licence applications within the designated area and how the Committee would process them. Ms Huertas advised that there would be a number of permanent pitches within the area and traders would be invited to apply for licences to use them, adding that there would be a need for the Authority to specify what could be sold from each pitch. Caroline Eaton added that the licences would  ...  view the full minutes text for item 13.


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